The BOOKPRESS June 2000

Some Thoughts On The Country of Time -- a poem

Laurel Guy

Thoughts about time. I was thinking that perhaps time itself stands still.
We think time is passing
but it is really just us passing through.
We are MOVING through time––like a car
driving through the country of time.
We move through different states,
past, present, future.
The past continues to exist once we pass through it.
What state was that, and how do we get back to it?
I was also thinking about future selves and past selves––
that my child self is truly a separate person
from who I am now.
Does the future exist before we get there?
The person that I am now...
as a child, was I able to sense that person?
Can I sense who I will become in the next 30 years?
What kind of communication is there between selves––
future, past, probable or improbable?
Perhaps though, time itself is not completely static.
Perhaps it changes and moves––though at a different rate than we do.
Like geologic time versus human time versus insect time.
Being able to feel time itself moving
depends on your size.
Our small size does not allow us to feel the earth moving.
The earth itself is also moving through time on its own journey.
So think of time like a place, and how it is
when you go back to a town that you haven't been to in a few years.
It never is quite the way you remember it.
The place of time also changes its shape.
Someone once said that the past is before us, ahead of us, not behind us.
It is as though we are walking backwards to the future.
We can only see the past.
We rarely turn around for glimpses of the future.
We are surrounded by the past.
TV, newspapers, everything we see and read is already past.
Turn around.

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