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"I quote others in order to better express myself."
 Michel de Montaigne

Welcome to our simple ordering system. There are two ways to order from us:
  • First, and most convenient, is by browsing our Web site's collection of publications and choosing items using the "Buy this book ..." links . You can proceed to the checkout at any time after making at least one selection. This method also works as a traditional "shopping basket," allowing multiple selections.
  • You may also order any book currently in print! Just fill in the Title and Author fields in the following form, and proceed to the checkout. We will not be able to give you an exact total price for your order, so we provide you with a verification option. Selecting this option means that we will contact you with the exact prices before charging you and shipping your order.

We accept orders via our Web site, or you may order by Mail, Fax, or Phone. Once you have made your selections, please proceed by clicking the "SECURE CHECKOUT" button at the bottom (if your browser has trouble with this, use the "REGULAR CHECKOUT"). You will be presented with a final "order sheet" which is suitable for mailing and faxing, or may be submitted over the Web. Please be sure to give us your correct email address, as this is our primary means of communication with you.
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