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"Canone Inverso" by Paolo Maurensig

Published by Henry Holt
Publication Date: 1998 
Section(s): New Hardcover Fiction
Price: $21.00
ISBN: 080505538X
translated from the Italian by Jennie McFee
Reviews by Bookery Staff and friends
In the tradition of E.A. Poe and R.L. Stevenson, this fantastic tale tells of a strange violin that has the power to inspire those who play it to sublime flights of genius - or drive them to the edge of madness. A young musician visits his aristocratic school friend in a lugubrious castle, but as the guests begin to talk enthusiastically about the rise of fascism, the musician realizes that his friendship is entering a stage of canone inverso - a musical term for a descent or countdown before a finale.
    Set mostly in Austria in the 1930s, this intriguing novel is written in a rich, baroque style. It's skillfully plotted, resonant with mystery and imagination. I gave it an excellent review in the Philadelphia Inquirer.
                --Edward Hower

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