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 Kathleen Norris

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"Reluctant Job Changer" by Gladys Palmer and Herbert S. Parnes, et al
University of Pennsylvania, 1962, 225 pages. Hardcover $13.75    Economics/History - U.S. Labor/Career Planning
Studies in Work Attachments and Aspirations. Good/Fair dust jacket. Charts, Tables. U.S. Labor, Career Planning, Economics, Workers, Occupations, Job Satisfaction, Sociology.
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"Systems Analysis for Managerial Decisions" by P. Ramalingam
John Wiley and Sons (NY), 1976, 607 pages. Hardcover $11.00    Economics/Career Planning
A Computer Approach. Very Good/Good dust jacket. Charts, Diagrams. Systems Analysis, Economics, Career Planning, Industrial Management, Mathematical Models.
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"Graphic Arts Management" by Victor Strauss
Presentation Press, 1973, 340 pages. Hardcover $13.75    Economics/Career Planning
Very Good/Good dust jacket. Economics, Business, Career Planning.
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"Psychoanalytic Techniques" Edited by Benjamin J. Wolman
Basic Books, Inc., Publishers (New York), 1967, 596 pages. Hardcover $27.50    Psychology/Career Planning
A Handbook for the Practicing Psychoanalyst. Very Good/no dust jacket. Psychology, Career Planning, Counseling / Counselors, Therapy, Psychiatry.
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