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"Developmental Psycholinguistics and Communication Disorders" Edited by Doris Aaronson and Robert W. Rieber
New York Academy of Sciences, 1975, 287 pages. Stiff Wrappers $14.00    Psychology/Linguistics - Philology
Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Vol. 263. Very Good. Psychology, Linguistics, Language Development in Children, Disorders of Speech, Communication.
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"An Introduction to the Principles of Transformational Syntax" by Adrian Akmajian and Frank Heny
MIT Press (Cambridge, Mass.), 1976, 418 pages. Hardcover $10.00    Linguistics - Philology
Very Good. No dust jacket. Second Edition.
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"Linguistics and Engliash Linguistics" by Harold Allem
Appleton, Century, Crofts (NY), 1966, 117 pages. Paperback - Wraps $6.00    Linguistics - Philology
Very Good. First Edition. Goldentree Bibliographies series.
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"Hebraisches und Aramaisches Lexikon Zum Alten Testament" by Walter Baumgartner and Ludwig Koehler
E. J. Brill (Leiden), 1967. Hardcover $275.00    Linguistics - Philology/History - Ancient - Near East/Religion
Volume 1-4, Very good condition/ No dustjackets
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"The Study of Language: A Survey of LInguistics and Related Disciplines in America" by John B. Carroll
Harvard University Press, 1966, 289 pages. Hardcover $8.50    Linguistics - Philology
Very Good. No dust jacket. Sixth Edition.
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"A Grammar of Style" by A.E. Darbyshire
Andre Deutsch, 1979, 232 pages. Hardcover $20.00    Linguistics - Philology
Very good/ Very good dustjacket
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"A General Rhetoric by Group u" by J. Dubois and F. Edeline, et al
Johns Hopkins University Press, 1981, 254 pages. Hardcover $25.00    Linguistics - Philology
Excellent/ Excellent dustjacket
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"Language Development in the School Years" Edited by Kevin Durkin
Croom Helm, 1986, 275 pages. Hardcover $16.50    Psychology/Linguistics - Philology
Excellent/Excellent dust jacket. Psychology, Linguistics, Education, Childhood / Children.
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"Cognition and the Development of Language" Edited by John R. Hayes
John Wiley and Sons (NY), 1970, 370 pages. Hardcover $16.50    Psychology/Cognitive Science/Linguistics - Philology
very Good/no dust jacket. Psychology, Linguistics, Cognitive Studies.
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"Old Testament Translation Problems" by A. R Hulst
E. J. Brill (Leiden), 1960, 261 pages. Hardcover $30.00    Linguistics - Philology/Religion
Very Good. No DJ. Volume I in HELPS FOR TRANSLATORS Series.
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"Old Testament Translation Problems" by A.R. Hulst
E. J. Brill (Leiden), 1960, 261 pages. Hardcover $35.00    Linguistics - Philology/Judaica
Very good/ No dustjacket, Judaica/ Old Testament Studies
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"A Shorte Introduction of Grammar" by William Lily
Scholars' Facsimiles and Reprints, 1945. Hardcover $35.00    Linguistics - Philology
Good/no dustjacket. A facsimile of an Elizabethan manuscript. Pages are yellowing and somewhat brittle.
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"Psycholinguistics Papers" Edited by J. Lyons and R. J. Wales
Edinburgh University Press, 1966, 243 pages. Hardcover $14.00    Psychology/Linguistics - Philology
The Proceedings of the 1966 Edinburgh Conference. Good/Good dust jacket. Psychology, Linguistics, Language.
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"Toward a Science of Translating" by Eugene A. Nida
E. J. Brill (Leiden), 1964, 331 pages. Hardcover $40.00    Linguistics - Philology/Judaica
With Special Reference to Principles and Procedures Involved in Bible Translating, Very good, Judaica/ Old Testament Studies
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"The First Book of Maccabees" Translated by Sidney Tedesche
Harper and Brothers (NewYork), 1950, 291 pages. Hardcover $20.00    Linguistics - Philology/Judaica
Introduction and Commentary by Solomon Zeitlin, Very good/ No dustjacket, Owner's stamp on inside cover, Jewish Apocryphal Literature/ Judaica/ Old Testament Studies, Greek with English translations
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"A Concordance to the Targum of Isaiah" by J.B. van Zijl
Scholars Press, 1979, 207 pages. Stiff Wrappers $20.00    Linguistics - Philology/Religion
Very good condition
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