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"Three Authors of Alienation: Bombal, Onetti, Carpenter" by M. Ian Adams
University Of Texas (Austin), 1975, 128 pages. Hardcover $7.50    Literary Theory
Very Good/Very Good. Dust jacket slightly worn.
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"Strains of Discord: Studies in Literary Openness" by Robert M. Adams
Cornell University Press, 1958, 220 pages. Hardcover $8.50    Literary Theory
Very Good/Very Good. Dust jacket slightly browned.
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"Motives For Fiction" by Robert Alter
Harvard University Press, 1984, 234 pages. Hardcover $12.50    Literary Theory
Very Good/Very Good. Dust jacket slightly chipped.
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"New Perspectives in German Literary Criticism (A Collection of Essays)" Edited by Richard E. Amacher and Victor Lange, et al
Princeton University, 1979, 480 pages. Hardcover $30.00    Literary Theory
Very Good/Very Good.
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"Diderot's Dream" by Wilda Anderson
Johns Hopkins University Press, 1990. Hardcover $22.00    Literary Theory
VF/F, Almost as new, philosophy
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"Feminizing the Fetish: Psychoanalyis and Narrative Obsession in Turn-of-the-Century France" by Emily Apter
Cornell University Press, 1991, 273 pages. Hardcover $16.50    Psychology/Literary Theory/Gender Studies
Excellent/no dust jacket. Psychiatry, 19th & 20th Century French Fiction, European History, Psychology in Literature, Gender Studies.
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"Culture and Anarchy" by Matthew Arnold
bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc., 1971. Paperback - Wraps $11.00    Literary Theory
VG/VG, Little wrinkling on spine, introduction by Ian Gregor
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"Rousseau and Romanticism" by Irving Babbit
Meridian Books, 1955. Paperback $11.00    Literary Theory
G/VG, Slight chipping, previous owner's signature and date on first page
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"George Crabbe" by Terrence Bareham
Barnes and Noble, 1977, 245 pages. Hardcover $11.00    Literary Theory
Very good condition. Good dust jacket. Small hole on front cover.
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"Sainte-Beuve to Baudelaire: A Poetic Legacy" by Norman H. Barlow
Duke University Press, 1964, 226 pages. Hardcover $7.50    Literary Theory
Very Good/Very Good. 1st Edition. Dust jacket slightly faded and price removed with scissors.
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"Knives & Angels" Edited by Susan Bassnett
Zen Books Ltd., 1990. Paperback - Wraps $11.00    Literary Theory
VG/VG, Women Writers in Latin America, out of print, Victoria Ocampo, Margo Glantz, Maria Luisa Bemberg, Elena Poniatowska, Maria Luisa Bombal, Clarice Lispector.
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"Knives and Angels: Women Writers in Latin America" Edited by Susan Bassnett
Zed Books (New York), 1990, 202 pages. Paperback $7.50    Literary Theory
Very good. Wraps.
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" Forget Foucalt" by Jean Baudrillard and
Semiotext, 1987. Paperback - Wraps $11.00    Literary Theory
VG/F, Also includes "Forget Baudillard:An Interview with Sylvere Lotringer".
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"From Dante to Garcia Marquez: Studies in Romance Literatures and Linguistics" Edited by Gene H. Bell-Villada and Antonio Gimenez, et al
Williams College (Williamstown), 1987, 412 pages. Hardcover $25.00    Literary Theory
Very Good/Very Good. 1st Edition.
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"Outside Literature" by Tony Bennett
Routledge, 1990, 310 pages. Paperback - Wraps $9.95    Literary Theory
Very Good.
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"The Ferment of Realism: American Literature 1884-1919" by Walter Berthoff
Free Press (New York), 1965, 330 pages. Hardcover $15.00    Literary Theory
Very Good/Very Good. 1st Edition.
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"In Search of Literary Theory" Edited by Morton W. Bloomfield
Cornell University Press, 1972, 274 pages. Hardcover $15.00    Literary Theory
Very Good/very Good. Comes with original review from "The Hudson Review", as sent to series editor, Professor Max Black.
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"Thorns & Arabesques: Contexts for Conrad's Fiction" by William Bonney
Johns Hopkins University Press, 1980. Hardcover $13.75    Literary Theory
F/VG, slight chipping on spine of dustcover, critical observations of Joseph Conrad's work
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"Literature & Domination:Sex,Knowlege, and Power in Modern Fiction" by Keith Booker
University Press of Florida, 1993. Hardcover $16.50    Literary Theory
VF/F, explores Beckett, Nabokov, and Calvino
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"Writing Realism:Howells,James,and Norris in the Mass Market" by Daniel Borus
University of North Carolina Press, 1989. Hardcover $22.00    Literary Theory
VF/VF, book in new condition,literary criticism
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"The Histoy of a Literary Radical & Other Papers" by Randolph Bourne
S.A. Russell, 1956. Cloth $16.50    Literary Theory
VG/VG,Signed and dated by previous owner,intro by Van Wyck Brooks
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"The Age of Bluff: Parado and Ambiguity in Rabelais and Montaigne" by Barbara Bowen
University of Illinois Press (Urbana), 1972. Hardcover $11.00    Literary Theory
VG/VG, slight fading of dustcover, French literature
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" Silence and Power: A Reevaluation of Djuna Barnes" Edited by Mary Lynn Broe
Southern Illinois University Press (Carbondale), 1991. Paperback $11.00    Literary Theory
F/F, Afterword by Catherine Stimpson, photographic plates
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"The Scope of Fiction" by Cleanth Brooks and Robert Penn Warren
Appleton, Century, Crofts (NY), 1960. Hardcover $13.75    Literary Theory
VG/No dust jacket. Slight scratches on cover, signed and dated by previous owner.Interpretation of stories(plot, characters and theme), authors featured;Kipling, Thurber, s.Jackson, Shaw, O.Henry, Collier, De Maupassant, Sansom, Bierce, Welty, Bradbury, Lardner, Babel, Pirandello,Crane,Joyce,Lawrence,McCullers, Balzac, Hemingway, Wolfe, Faulkener, O'Connor an more.
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"The Novel of Worldliness:Crebillon Marivaux Laclos Stendhal" by Peter Brooks
Princeton University, 1969. Hardcover $13.75    Literary Theory
F/F, slight chip on dustjacket.eighteenth Century French Fiction
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