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"The Causes of Quarrel: Essays on Peace, War, and Thomas Hobbes" Edited by Peter Caws
Beacon Press (Boston), 1989, 224 pages. Hardcover $10.00    Philosophy/Political Theory
Excellent/very good dustjacket.
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"Bernard Shaw's Marxian Romance" by Paul A. Hummert
University of Nebraska Press (Lincoln), 1973, 222 pages. Hardcover $12.50    Theater Criticism/History/Political Theory
Excellent/good dustjacket.
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"Bernard Shaw and the Nineteenth-Century Tradition" by Julian B. Kaye
University of Oklahoma Press, 1958, 222 pages. Hardcover $10.00    Theater Criticism/History/Political Theory
Very good/no dustjacket. 1st edition.
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"Revolution and Counterrevolution" by Seymour Martin Lipset
Transaction Publishers, 1988, 416 pages. Paperback $8.80    Social Theory/Political Theory
Very Good condition.
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"Origins of the Labour Party, 1880-1900" by Henry Pelling
Clarendon Press, 1965, 256 pages. Hardcover $22.00    Economics/Political Theory/History - European
2nd Edition, Revised. Very Good/Good dust jacket, clipped price. B & W Photographs. European History, Socialism, Politics, Economics, Trade Unions, England, Great Britain.
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"What Is Mutualism?" by Clarence Lee Swartz
Vanguard Press (NY), 1927, 238 pages. Hardcover $16.50    Economics/Political Theory/Social Theory
Good/no dust jacket. Economics, Political Theory, Social Theory.
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"John Stuart Mill and Representative Government" by Dennis F. Thompson
Princeton University, 1976, 241 pages. Paperback $6.00    Philosophy/Political Theory
Good/no dustjacket.
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