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"Camonica Valley" by Emmanuel Anati
Alfred A. Knopf, 1961, 262 pages. Hardcover $11.00    Archaeology/History - Ancient/Religion
Trans, Linda Asher, A Depiction of Village Life in the Alps from Neolithic Times to the Birth of Christ, as Revealed By Thousands of Newly Found Rock Carvings, Very Good, Dustjacket, illustrated with photos, drawings, & maps, price clipped, Archaeology, History-Ancient, Religion
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"The Relevance of Christianity" by F.R. Barry
Nisbet & Co., Ltd., 1936, 323 pages. Hardcover $11.00    Religion
An Approach to Christian Ethics Very good/ No dust jacket, some pencil underling, previous owner's bookplate on inside front cover, Religion
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"The Jesuits" by Manfred Barthel
William Morrow, 1984, 324 pages. Hardcover $16.50    Religion
History & Legend of the Society of Jesus Translated and Adapted by Mark Howson, Very good/ Good dust jacket
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"Hebraisches und Aramaisches Lexikon Zum Alten Testament" by Walter Baumgartner and Ludwig Koehler
E. J. Brill (Leiden), 1967. Hardcover $275.00    Linguistics - Philology/History - Ancient - Near East/Religion
Volume 1-4, Very good condition/ No dustjackets
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"The Alexandria Controversy:" by Roger Baxter
W. Duffy, 1817, 266 pages. Library Binding $38.50    Religion
or A Series of Letters between M.B. & Quaero, on The Tenets of Catholicity, which appeared in the Alexandria Newspapers Ex-Libris, Recovered with stiff cardboard binding, firm binding but fragile pages, Religion
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"An Anglican Turning Point: Documents and Interpretations" by Stephen Fielding Bayne, Jr.
Church Historical Society, 1964, 317 pages. Hardcover $11.00    Religion
Very good/ Good dust jacket, Religion
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"Mature Christianity in the 21st Century" by Norman A. Beck
American Interfaith Institute, 1994, 372 pages. Hardcover $16.50    Religion
The Recognition and Repudiation of the Anti-Jewish Polemic of the New Testamenr Expanded and Revised Edition, Religion
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"All Under Heaven" by John H. Berthrong
State University of New York (SUNY), 1994, 273 pages. Stiff Wrappers $27.50    Religion
Transforming Paradigms in Confucian-Christian Dialogue. Excellent. Religion, Christianity & Confucianism, Philosophy, Theology.
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"Book of Numbers" Edited by L. Elliott Binns
Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1927, 240 pages. Hardcover $27.50    Religion
With Introduction & Notes by L. Elliot Binns. Good/no dust jacket. Religion, Biblical Studies, Theology.
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"Religions of Modern Syria and Palestine" by Frederick Jones Bliss
T. & T. Clark (Edinburgh), 1912, 354 pages. Hardcover $16.50    Religion/Area Studies - Middle East
Very Good/no dust jacket. Religion, Syria, Palestine, Middle East, Islam, Eastern Orthodox Churches, Islamic Studies.
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"Ethics" by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
S.C.M. Press Ltd., 1963. Hardcover $22.00    Religion
Book in perfect condition. Dustjacket in very good condition.
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"Ethics" by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Macmillan Company, 1955, 340 pages. Hardcover $16.50    Religion
Edited by Eberhard Bethge. Very Good/no dust jacket. Religion, Ethics, Morality, Theology.
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"Jesus of Nazareth" by Gunther Bornkamm
Harper & Brothers, 1960, 239 pages. Hardcover $13.50    Religion
Translated [into English] by Irene & Fraser McLuskey with James M. Robinson [of the 3rd edition (1959) of "Jesus von Nazareth"]. Good/no dust jacket. Religion, New Testament, Christianity, Jesus Christ, Son of God, the Bible.
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"Gospel of Mark" by B. Harvie Branscomb
Harper & Brothers, n.d., 314 pages. Hardcover $13.50    Religion
The Moffatt New Testament Commentary. Good [occasional underlinings]/no dust jacket. Religion, the Bible, Gospel, Theology.
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"Authority of the Old Testament" by John Bright
Abingdon Press, 1967, 272 pages. Hardcover $14.00    Religion
Very Good/no dust jacket. Religion, Old Testament, Biblical Studies, Theology.
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"Religio Medici" by Sir Thomas Browne
Limited Editions Club, Inc., 1939, 114 pages. Hardcover $55.00    Religion
Edited with a New Introduction by Geoffrey Keynes. Includes Reprint of the Browne's 1642 text. Excellent/no dust jacket. B & W Illustrations. Religion, Religious Studies, Theology.
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"Jesus and the Word" by D. Rudolf Bultmann
Charles Scribner's Sons, 1934, 226 pages. Hardcover $22.00    Religion
1st U.S. Edition. Translated [into English] by Louise Pettibone Smith & Erminie Huntress. Very Good/no dust jacket. Religion, Christianity, Old & New Testament, Bible, Theology.
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"Story of the Diocese of Connecticut: A New Branch of the Vine" by Nelson Rollin Burr
Church Missions Publishing Co., 1962, 568 pages. Hardcover $38.50    Religion
Very Good/no dust jacket. Charts, Tables, Map. Religion, Christianity, Anglican [Episcopal] Church in the U.S., Episcopalians in New England / Connecticut, U.S. History 1600-1962.
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"An Outline of Biblical Theology" by Millars Burrows
Westminster Press, 1966, 380 pages. Hardcover $11.00    Religion
Good/no dust jacket. Religion, God, Christ, Scripture, Old & New Testament, Bible, History of Christian Worship.
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"Historic Mission of Jesus" by Cecil John Cadoux
Harper & Brothers, n.d., 376 pages. Hardcover $27.50    Religion
"A Constructive Re-examination of the Eschatological Teaching in the Synoptic Gospels." Good [pencil underlinings]/no dust jacket. Religion, Christianity, New Testament, Theology.
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"Medieval Francis in Modern America" by Adalbert Callahan
Macmillan Company, 1936, 494 pages. Hardcover $16.50    Religion
The Story of Eighty Years, 1855-1935. Very Good/no dust jacket. B & W Illustrations/Photos. With A Preface by Michael Williams. Religion, Christianity, Saint Francis, U.S. History.
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"Donne at Sermons" by Gale H. Carrithers, Jr.
State University of New York (SUNY), 1972, 319 pages. Hardcover $22.00    Religion
A Christian Existential World. Good/Good dust jacket. Religion, Biography, English History, Christianity.
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"The Bestiary of Christ" by Louis Charbonneau-Lassay
 Illustrated by Louis Charbonneau-Lassay
Parabola Books, 1991, 467 pages. Paperback $11.00    Religion
Trans. & Abridged D.M. Dooling, Very Good, Illustrated, Religion
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"According to Saint John" by Lord Charnwood
Little, Brown, 1925, 317 pages. Hardcover $11.00    Religion
Good/no dust jacket. Religion, Bible, New Testament, Theology.
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"Keeper of the Keys" by Nicolas Cheetham
Scribner's, 1983. Hardcover $22.00    Religion
Book in perfect condition. Dustjacket in perfect condition. Subtitle: A History of the Popes from St. Peter to John Paul II.
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