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Book Arts

<!--CONTENT TABLE--> <TABLE CELLPADDING=5 BORDER="0"> <TR> <P> <TD COLSPAN=2> <center> <A HREF="<@CGI><@APPFILEPATH>boo_search.taf?_function=list&categoryID=304&<@USERREFERENCEARGUMENT>"> CLICK HERE TO BROWSE FINE LETTERPRESS AND ARTISTS' BOOKS. </A> </center> </P> <P> The Bookery is excited to announce our expansion into the world of handcrafted fine press and artist books. In recent years there has been a rediscovery among artists, craftspeople, and fine printers of the idea of the book as more than a mere vehicle for text. Inspired by the rich tradition of the book-related crafts and new directions in the book arts, talented printers, artists, craftspeople, and small publishers all over the country are producing extraordinary work. </P> <P> Some of the results fall squarely within the context of the artistically presented limited edition of a classic or contemporary text. The overwhelming majority of these books take advantage of traditional letterpress printing, a technology made commercially obsolete due to production limitations in comparison to photo-offset and now digital printing methods. Performed with due care, however, the aesthetic effect of letterpress remains unsurpassed. The subtle impression made by inked letterforms into sumptuous papers provides for in-comparable presentation of words on a page. Being a relief-printing process itself, letterpress is also ideal for printing wood and linoleum blocks. </P> <P> Other work in the book arts encompasses more fanciful creations, one-of-a-kind or small-run artist pieces utilizing the form of the book as a jumping-off point. The broad spectrum of the work being produced is just beginning to be explored. </P> <P> The Bookery is dedicated to providing one of the few retail outlets serving this burgeoning book arts world in an effort to encourage a wider interest in these special books. In Bookery I you will find our new stock of fine press and artist books, handcrafted books, prints, broadsides, and portfolios-as well as books on books, and books on the history of the book and the book arts. </P> <P> We currently have items for sale from the following fine presses and book artists: </P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD VALIGN=TOP> <P> The Brown Trout Press<BR> Press Intermezzo<BR> Sherwin Beach Press<BR> The Tern Press<BR> Bloodroot Press<BR> Fork in the Road Press<BR> Red Howler Press<BR> Birch Brook Press<BR> Out of the Woods Press<BR> Protean Press<BR> Slow Loris Press<BR> the Wing & the Wheel Press<BR> The Alembic Press<BR> Kat Ran Press<BR> Notan Press<BR> Out of the Woods Press<BR> Erespin Press<BR> The Old Stile Press<BR> Heavy Duty Press<BR> Marilyn Rosenberg<BR> </P> </TD> <TD VALIGN=TOP> Fernando Llosa<BR> Lilliput Press<BR> Larch Tree Press<BR> Angorfa Press<BR> bluestocking press<BR> Incline Press<BR> Ziggurat Press<BR> Street of Crocodile Press<BR> Grey Spider Press<BR> Press of the Unseen Unicorn<BR> David Koepp<BR> Previous Parrot Press<BR> The Hill Press<BR> Beata Wehr<BR> Press of the Palace of Governors<BR> Red Trillium Press<BR> The Press of the Nightowl<BR> Black Pearl Press<BR> Ravenpress<BR> The Legacy Press<BR> Susan Hensel<BR> </P> </TD> </TR> </TABLE>
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