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Bryna J. Fireside

What I like most about writing books for kids and young adults is that

I can write about things that really interest me. When my three kids were teenagers and were clearly marching to a different drummer, I wondered if there were other kids out there who also went their own way. I wound up writing a piece for SEVENTEEN Magazine called "Should You Put Your College Education On Hold?" and another for EDUCATION LIFE about kids who go to college one-two and even three years before they would normally finish high school. This led to my book for teenagers called CHOICES for the High School Graduate÷now going into its third edition. (See, when it comes to your own kids, don't get mad-get even! Write about them.)

My interest in women's issues as well as a stint supervising student teachers for SUNY Cortland led to my book for kids on women in Congress. Currently I'm completing Cruzan v. State of Missouri, which will be out in the fall of 2000. I think that it's important for young readers to have books out there that are useful.

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