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"Ab Excessu Divi Augusti Sive Annalium Libri Volume I: Libros I-VI Continens"
  In Aedibus IO. Bapt. Parauiae et Sociorum, $ 13.75 Published by: In Aedibus IO. Bapt. Parauiae et Sociorum Book #20189.
No date (ca. 1972).
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"Ab Urba Condita: Tomus III. Libri XXI-XXV"
  The Clarendon Press, 1974, ISBN 0198146221, $ 25.00 Cloth Published by: The Clarendon Press Book #20168.
Eds. Carolus Flamstead Waters et Robertus Seymour Conway.
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"Ab Urbe Condita"
  Verlag Aschendorff, 1967, $ 5.50 Paperback Published by: Verlag Aschendorff Book #27492.
235 pp. TOC & notes in German translation by Hermann Hugenroth. Rubbing on cover (gutters and back), else clean and tight.
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"The Aeneid"
  University of Michigan Press, 1995, ISBN 0472065955, $ 9.90 Soft Cover Published by: University of Michigan Press Book #7871.
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"The Annals of Tacitus (2 Volumes)"
  Clarendon Press, 1968, $ 82.50 Cloth Published by: Clarendon Press Book #15064.
Henry Furneaux, ed. Second Revised Edition. Vol. 1: Books 1-6; Vol. 2: Books 11-16. 2nd Vol. dj. badly chipped and torn; 1rst Vol. dj. showing some wear around edges, but otherwise intact.
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"Athenian Constitution, Eudemian Ethics, & Virtues and Vices"
  Harvard University Press, 1971, ISBN 0674993152, $ 16.50 Cloth Published by: Harvard University Press Book #32057.
Volume XX of the Loeb Classical Library's XXIII volumes of Aristotle's works. 505pp + publisher's catalogue. Text in Greek and English.
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"Banquet - Apologie De Socrate"
  Societe D'Edition <>, 1961, $ 16.50 Cloth Published by: Societe D'Edition <> Book #22307.
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"Cicero on Himself"
  G. Bell & Sons, 1974, $ 5.50 Soft Cover Published by: G. Bell & Sons Book #15094.
"Selections from the Works of Cicero illustrating his Life and Character." Chosen and edited by N. Fullwood. Some illustrations. Alpha Classics series. 117 pp.
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"Cicero: Orations"
  $ 20.00 Book #15691.
Sub: "Pro Milone, In Pisonem, Pro Scauro, Pro Fonteio, Pro Rabirio Postulumo, Pro Marcello, Pro Ligario, Pro Rege Deiotaro." N. H. Watts, trans.
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"The Comedies of Aristophanes, Vol. 1: Acharnians"
  Aris & Phillips, 1992, ISBN 086516102X, $ 11.00 Soft Cover Published by: Aris & Phillips Book #12828.
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"Controversiae, 2 vols."
  Harvard University Press, 1974, ISBN 0674995104, $ 44.00 Cloth Published by: Harvard University Press Book #22397.
Vol. I: Controversiae, books I-VI; Vol. II: Controversiae, books VII-X and Suasoriae. Trans by Michael Winterbottom. Both VG+/VG.
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"De Origine et Situ Germanorum"
  Clarendon Press, 1938, $ 22.00 Cloth Published by: Clarendon Press Book #20183.
Ed. J. G. C. Anderson. Fold-out maps. 230 pp.
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"De Rerum Natura Book III"
  Cambridge University Press, 1994, ISBN 0521291771, $ 20.00 Soft Cover Published by: Cambridge University Press Book #22452.
Prev owner in ink on front ep, else in FINE, apparently unread condition.
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"Divus Iulius"
  Oxford University Press, 1970, $ 22.00 Decorative Cloth Published by: Oxford University Press Book #22020.
Edited with an intro and commentary by H.E. Butler and M. Cary.
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"Elegies, Book IV"
  Cambridge University Press, 1965, $ 16.50 Cloth Published by: Cambridge University Press Book #22461.
Edited by W.A. Camps
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"Epistularum Libri Decem"
  Oxford University Press, 1963, ISBN 0198146434, $ 27.50 Cloth Published by: Oxford University Press Book #22393.
Edited by R.A.B. Mynors. FINE, apparently unread condition. Jacket has a very small tear at bottom edge of front panel, else near fine.
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"Five Speeches: Speeches 10, 12, 14, 19 and 22"
  Bristol Classical Press, 1979, ISBN 0906515440, $ 15.00 Wrappers Published by: Bristol Classical Press Book #19441.
Ed. E. S. Shuckburgh.
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"The Golden Ass"
  Farrar Straus Giroux, 1974, $ 6.60 Soft Cover Published by: Farrar Straus Giroux Book #15705.
Robert Graves, trans. Spine somewhat faded, but uncreased & uncocked, as if never read.
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"The Golden Ass"
  Indiana University Press, 1973, $ 6.60 Soft Cover Published by: Indiana University Press Book #15704.
Jack Lindsay, trans. Some rubbing along cover, crease down spine, else tight.
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"Histoire Tome II (Livres XVII-XIX)"
  Societe D'Edition <>, 1970, $ 38.50 Cloth Published by: Societe D'Edition <> Book #15700.
Texte Etabli, Traduit et Annote par Guy Sabbah. Fold-out maps.
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"The Histories Volume I: Books I-ii"
  Clarendon, 1992, ISBN 0198721404, $ 20.00 Soft Cover Published by: Clarendon Book #16597.
Trans., intro., comm. by Patrick McGushin.
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"Histories: Books I & II"
  Bradda Books, 1981, $ 13.75 Wrappers Published by: Bradda Books Book #20190.
Ed. A. L. Irvine. 3 maps. 196 pp.
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"Homeri Opera II"
  Oxford University Press, $ 16.50 Published by: Oxford University Press Book #21491.
no date (ca. 1915) spine faintly creased and dust-soiled, else VG
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"Horace Odes and Epodes"
  Benj. H. Sanborn, 1960, $ 13.75 Cloth Published by: Benj. H. Sanborn Book #15086.
The Students' Series of Latin Classics. Paul Shorey, ed. Some wear along edges; else very good.
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"The Institutio Oratoria of Quintilian Vol. I, Books I-III"
  Harvard University Press, 1963, $ 20.00 Cloth Published by: Harvard University Press Book #22454.
Bilingual ed. in Latin and English. Trans. by H.E. Butler.
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