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"Ewiges Deutschland"
  Georg Westermann, 1941, $ 11.00 Cloth Hardcover Published by: Georg Westermann Book #27367.
351 pp.
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"Short History of Ireland"
  Hutchinson University Library, 1961, $ 7.50 Cloth Published by: Hutchinson University Library Book #26232.
208pp. Mildly sunned spine. Internally clean and sound.
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"Crisis and commitment: The life History of a French Social Movement" by Alexander and Sonia Alland
  Gordon and Breach, 1994, ISBN 2881246419, $ 15.00 Paperback Published by: Gordon and Breach Book #29811.
190 pp.
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"Soviet Uzbekistan" by L. N. (ed). Babushkin
  Progress Publications, 1973, $ 11.00 Cloth Hardcover Published by: Progress Publications Book #27134.
174 pp.
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"Luftwaffe War Diaries" by Cajus Bekker
  Doubleday & Co., 1968, $ 11.00 Cloth Published by: Doubleday & Co. Book #25107.
399pp, b/w photos.
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"France Under Napoleon" by Louis Bergeron
  Princeton University Press, 1981, ISBN 0691053332, $ 25.00 Cloth Published by: Princeton University Press Book #25432.
230pp. Small gouge on back panel of jacket.
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"Russia: In Search of Itself" by James H. Billington
  Woodrow Wilson Center / Johns Hopkins, 2004, ISBN 0801879760, $ 15.00 Cloth Published by: Woodrow Wilson Center / Johns Hopkins Book #29846.
234pp. As New condition.
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"Balkan as Metaphor: Between Globalization and Fragmentation" by Dusan I. & Obrad Savic (eds.) Bjelic
  MIT Press, 2005, ISBN 0262524481, $ 15.00 Trade Paperback Published by: MIT Press Book #29845.
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"Lord and Peasant in Russia from the Ninth to the Nineteenth Century" by Jerome Blum
  Princeton University Press, 1971, ISBN 0691007640, $ 8.25 Trade Paperback Published by: Princeton University Press Book #25249.
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"Wild Wales: The Peoples, Language, and Scenery" by George Borrow
  J. M. Dent & Sons, 1910, $ 8.25 Cloth Published by: J. M. Dent & Sons Book #25648.
617pp. Tips of spine lightly bumped and rubbed, else NF.
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"Unity of European History" by John Bowle
  Jonathan Cape, 1952, $ 12.50 Cloth Published by: Jonathan Cape Book #25946.
383pp. Jacket is age-toned, spotted on spine and has a small edge-tear at head of spine, else VG.
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"German Dictatorship" by Karl Dietrich Bracher
  Praeger, 1976, $ 8.25 Trade Paperback Published by: Praeger Book #25367.
553pp. Very faint spine creasing, else NF.
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"Becoming Visible: Women in European History" by Eds. Bridenthal, Renate and Claudia Koonz
  Houghton Mifflin, 1977, ISBN 0395244773, $ 10.00 Paperback Published by: Houghton Mifflin Book #26488.
510 pp. Signs of wear but nothing out of the ordinary.
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"an Heraldic Alphabet" by J.p. Brooke-little
  Arco, 1975, ISBN 06680029412, $ 10.00 Cloth Published by: Arco Book #29899.
226 pp.
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"The Austrians: a Thousand-Year Odyssey" by Gordon Brook-Shepherd
  Carroll & Graf, 1998, ISBN 0786705205, $ 10.00 Paperback Published by: Carroll & Graf Book #23408.
483pp, illus.
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"Uneasy Asylum: France and the Jewish Refugee Crisis, 1933 - 1942" by Vicki Caron
  Stanford University Press, 1999, ISBN 0804733120, $ 44.00 Cloth Published by: Stanford University Press Book #25272.
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"Cultural Origins of the French Revolution" by Roger Chartier
  Duke University Press, 1991, ISBN 0822309815, $ 38.50 Cloth Published by: Duke University Press Book #25431.
238pp. VF, apparently unread condition.
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"Laboring Classes and Dangerous Classes in Paris During the First Half of the Nineteenth Century" by Louis Chevalier
  Princeton University Press, 1973, ISBN 0691007837, $ 11.00 Trade Paperback Published by: Princeton University Press Book #25262.
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"Spain Today: Essays on Literature, Culture, Society" by Eds.) Colmeiro, Jose (et al.
  Dartmouth, 1995, ISBN 0964892901, $ 22.00 Trade Paperback Published by: Dartmouth Book #30473.
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"Power Shift in Germany: The 1998 Election and the End of the Kohl Era" by Eds.) Conradt, David P. (et al.
  Berghahn Books, 2000, ISBN 1571812008, $ 11.00 Trade Paperback Published by: Berghahn Books Book #29150.
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"Return of Martin Guerre" by Natalie Zemon Davis
  Harvard University Press, 1983, ISBN 0674766903, $ 15.00 Cloth Published by: Harvard University Press Book #25273.
162pp; b/w illus.
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"Coming of the Third Reich" by Richard J. Evans
  Penguin, 2003, ISBN 0143034693, $ 8.25 Trade Paperback Published by: Penguin Book #29315.
622pp. As New condition.
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"Subversive Words: Public Opinion in Eighteenth-Century France" by Arlette Farge
  Penn State Press, 1995, ISBN 0271014318, $ 22.00 Cloth Published by: Penn State Press Book #25254.
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"Rebels and mafiosi: Death in a Sicilian Landscape" by James Fentress
  Cornell University Press, 2000, ISBN 0801435390, $ 13.75 Cloth Published by: Cornell University Press Book #29593.
297 pp.
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"Natasha's Dance: a Cultural History of Russia" by Orlando Figes
  Metropolitan Books, 2002, ISBN 0805057838, $ 15.00 Cloth Published by: Metropolitan Books Book #24196.
729pp, color illus. Back fore-edge bumped, else FINE
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