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There are 267 matching titles. Displaying matches 1 through 25.

"Against Deconstruction" by JOhn Ellis
  1989, Paperback - Wraps $ 11.00    pub. 1989, Paperback - Wraps, F/VF, minimal pencil markings in margins Literary Theory (#3910) buy button

"The Landscape and the Looking Glass:Willa Cather's Search for Value" by John Randall
  1960, Hardcover $ 16.00    pub. 1960, Hardcover, VG/G.Chipped dustjacket. First edition Literary Theory (#3868) buy button

"Plot,Story and the Novel: From Dickens and Poe to the modern Period" by Robert Caserio
  1979, Hardcover $ 13.00    pub. 1979, Hardcover, F/VG,slightly worn dustjacket. Literary Theory (#3869) buy button

"English Literature at the Close of the Middle Ages" by E.K. Chambers
  1947, Hardcover $ 11.00    pub. 1947, Hardcover, VG/G, chipped and worn dustjacket, signed by previous owner. Literary Theory (#3870) buy button

"Celine:The Novel as Delirium" by Allen Thither
  1972, Cloth $ 11.00    pub. 1972, Cloth, VG, underlining throughout book. Literary Theory (#3871) buy button

"THemes Out of School: Effects and Causes" by Stanley Cavell
  1984, Cloth $ 11.00    pub. 1984, Cloth, VG. Slightly water damaged on over Literary Theory (#3872) buy button

"In Quest of the Ordinary:Lines of Skepticism and Romanticism" by Stanley Cavell
  1988, Hardcover $ 11.00    pub. 1988, Hardcover, F/F, slightly worn, philosophy and literature Literary Theory (#3873) buy button

"The Fate of the Self German Writers and French Theory" by Stanley Corngold
  1986, 279pp. Hardcover $ 22.00    Fine. Very Good dust jacket Literary Theory (#3874) buy button

"The Fugitive Group" by Louise Cowan
  1959, 277pp. Hardcover $ 22.00    Very good condition. No dust jacket. Literary Theory (#3875) buy button

"The Triple Soul: Browning's Theory of Knowledge" by Norton Crowell
  1963, 235pp. Hardcover $ 16.00    Very good condition. Front cover of dust jacket torn on inside corners, worn. First edition. Literary Theory (#3878) buy button

"Daniel Defoe and Middle-Class Gentility" by Michael Shinagel
  1968, 279pp. Hardcover $ 16.00    Very good condition. Very good dust jacket. Sightly worn. Frontispiece inscribed, 1968. Literary Theory (#3879) buy button

"Structuralist Poetics:Structuralism, Linguistics, and the study of Literature" by Jonathan Culler
  1975, Paperback - Wraps $ 11.00    pub. 1975, Paperback - Wraps, F/VG, slight aging, small iindents on spine Literary Theory (#3880) buy button

"English Literature" by David Daiches
  1964, Hardcover $ 11.00    pub. 1964, Hardcover, VG/G, Dustjacket is worn wih chipping on spine's edges,A series exploring the contributions of recent American humanistic scholarship Literary Theory (#3881) buy button

"Dos Passos: Arist as American" by Linda Wagner
  1979, Hardcover $ 11.00    pub. 1979, Hardcover, F/VG, slight chipping on spine of dustjacket Literary Theory (#3882) buy button

"Substance Under Pressure:Artistic Coherence and Evolving Form in the Novels of Doris Lessing" by Betsy Drane
  1983, Hardcover $ 13.00    pub. 1983, Hardcover, F/F, good condition, Dorris Lessing Literary Theory (#3883) buy button

"Dickens of London" by Wolf Mankowitz
  1976, Hardcover $ 16.00    pub. 1976, Hardcover, F/Vg, slight chipping of dustjacket, color and black & white plates Literary Theory (#3885) buy button

"Inteviews with Contemporary Writers" by L.S. Dembo
  1983, Paperback - Wraps $ 11.00    pub. 1983, Paperback - Wraps, VF/F, KObo, Amis, Ammons, Atwood, Barth, Blackburn, Butor, Dickey, Dorn, Drabble, Duncan, Duras, Elkin, Frisch, Gordimer, Hugo, Kosinski, Kunitz, Oates, Robbe-Grillet, Sarraute, Tomilinson, Wilson Literary Theory (#3886) buy button

"Diderot's Chaotic Order: Approach to Synthesis" by Lester Crocker
  1974, Hardcover $ 16.00    pub. 1974, Hardcover, F/F, slight chipping, compliments of the author card taped to front page Literary Theory (#3889) buy button

"Diderot's Dream" by Wilda Anderson
  1990, Hardcover $ 22.00    pub. 1990, Hardcover, VF/F, Almost as new, philosophy Literary Theory (#3890) buy button

"Dickens and Reality" by John Romano
  1978, Hardcover $ 16.00    pub. 1978, Hardcover, F/VG, slight fading and aging of dustjacket Literary Theory (#3894) buy button

"JOhn Dos Passos: Politics and the Writer" by Robert Rosen
  1981, Hardcover $ 11.00    pub. 1981, Hardcover, F/VG, slight fading and chipping Literary Theory (#3895) buy button

"Madame de Stael, Novelist: The Emergence of the Artist as Woman" by Madelyn Gutwirth
  1978, Hardcover $ 16.00    pub. 1978, Hardcover, VG/VG, slightly worn as with age Literary Theory (#3896) buy button

"Expans'd Hieroglyphicks: A Study of Sir John Denham's Coopers Hill" by Brendan O Herhir
  1969, Hardcover $ 13.00    pub. 1969, Hardcover, F/VG, slightly worn dustjacket with slight chipping Literary Theory (#3897) buy button

"Romanticism and Contemporary Criticism" by Morris Eaves
  1986, Paperback - Wraps $ 11.00    pub. 1986, Paperback - Wraps, G/VG, Slight warping/creasing of pages at bottoms and of cover. Contributors: Abrams, Cavell, Frye, Miller, Mitchell Literary Theory (#3899) buy button

"Aspects of Criticism: Literary Study in Presen-Day Germany" by L.L. Duroche
  1967, Hardcover $ 16.00    pub. 1967, Hardcover, VG/VG, slight chipping, dedicated and signed by author Literary Theory (#3901) buy button

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