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Bookery Titles for this Search

There are 27 matching titles. Displaying matches 1 through 25.

"Victory Garden Manual" by James H. Burdett
  1943, 128pp. Hardcover $ 10.00    Ex-Lib Good/ No dustjacket Slight browning on edges Gardening/Botany (#662) buy button

"Gardens in Color" by Richard Pratt
  1944, Hardcover $ 8.00    pub. 1944, Hardcover, Very Good. Cloth Binding Gardening/Botany (#719) buy button

"Winter_Hardy Azaleas and Rhododendrons" by Clement Gray Bowers
  1954, Hardcover $ 12.00    pub. 1954, Hardcover, Very Good/Good. Cover chipped Gardening/Botany (#724) buy button

"Growth of Plants" by William Crocker
  1948, Hardcover $ 25.00    pub. 1948, Hardcover, Very Good. Illlus. Gardening/Botany (#730) buy button

"Flora of Staffordshire" by E.S. Edees
  1972, 280pp. Hardcover $ 10.00    Very good/ Very good dustjacket, many black & white photographs Gardening/Botany (#736) buy button

"Variations on a Garden" by Robin Lane Fox
  1987, 182pp. Hardcover $ 12.00    Very good/ no dustjacket Gardening/Botany (#740) buy button

"All About House Plants" by Montague Free
  1951, 329pp. Hardcover $ 12.00    The Amateur's Guide to the Successful Indoor Culture of Flowers, Foliage Plants, Shrubs, Bulbs and Vines God/ Good dustjacket Gardening/Botany (#741) buy button

"Historical Perspectives in Plant Science" by Kenneth J. Frey
  1994, 205pp. Hardcover $ 25.00    Fine/ Fine dustjacket Gardening/Botany (#743) buy button

"Five Acres Too Much" by Robert B. Roosevelt
  1869, 296pp. Hardcover $ 25.00    A Truthful Consideration of the Attractions of the Country and a Careful Consideration of the Question of Profit and Loss as Involved in Amateur Farming, with Much Valuable Advice and Instruction to those about Purchasing Lar (#682) buy button

"An Artist's Herbal" by Louise Mansfield
  1937, 77pp. Hardcover $ 20.00    First Edition, Very good/ Chipped and worn dustjacket, 38 plates of pencil drawings with descriptions by the Special Artist of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Gardening/Botany (#735) buy button

"The Book of Shrubs" by Alfred C. Hottes
  1942, 438pp. Hardcover $ 12.00    Good/ no dustjacket Gardening/Botany (#746) buy button

"The Art of Flower Arranging" by Tatsuo Ishimoto
  1947, Hardcover $ 8.00    pub. 1947, Hardcover, Very Good. Illus. Gardening/Botany (#751) buy button

"Shrubs in Colour and Cultivation" by T.C. Mansfield
  1945, Hardcover $ 15.00    pub. 1945, Hardcover, Very Good/Very Good. DJ chipped. Gardening/Botany (#756) buy button

"Gardening in the Shade" by H.K. Morse
  1949, Hardcover $ 12.00    pub. 1949, Hardcover, Very Good. No DJ. Illus. Gardening/Botany (#757) buy button

"Manual of Japanese Flower Arranging" by Josui Oshikawa
  1961, Hardcover $ 40.00    pub. 1961, Hardcover, Very Good/Very Good. Color Illus. Gardening/Botany (#760) buy button

"Flowers and Plants: A International Lexicon with Biographical Notes" by Robert Shosteck
  1974, Hardcover $ 15.00    pub. 1974, Hardcover, Very Good/Very Good. Gardening/Botany (#763) buy button

"Orchid Flowers: Their Pollination and Evolution" by L Van Der Pijl
  1969, Hardcover $ 25.00    pub. 1969, Hardcover, Very Good/Very Good. Illus. Gardening/Botany (#770) buy button

"Fifty Years of Plant Physiology" by T.H. Weevers
  1949, Hardcover $ 25.00    pub. 1949, Hardcover, Very Good. Illus. Gardening/Botany (#772) buy button

"Principles of Flower Arranging" by Edward A. White
  1936, Hardcover $ 12.00    pub. 1936, Hardcover, Very Good. Illus. Gardening/Botany (#773) buy button

"The American Botanist and Florist" by Alphonso Wood
  1870, Hardcover $ 25.00    pub. 1870, Hardcover, Very Good. Illus. Gardening/Botany (#777) buy button

"Land Above The Trees: A Guide To American Alpine Tundra" by Ann H. Zwinger
  1972, Hardcover $ 35.00    pub. 1972, Hardcover, Very Goo/Very Good. Price clipped. 1st Edition. Gardening/Botany (#779) buy button

"Our Trees and How to Know Them" by Arthur I. Emerson
  1936, Hardcover $ 20.00    pub. 1936, Hardcover, Very Good. Illus. Gardening/Botany (#780) buy button

"The Algae of Connecticut" by Clarence John Hylander
  1928, Paperback $ 15.00    pub. 1928, Paperback, Very Good. Includes cover letter from State Librarian of Connecticut. Gardening/Botany (#785) buy button

"The Polyporaceae of Wisconsin" by J.J. Neuman
  1914, Hardcover $ 20.00    pub. 1914, Hardcover, Very Good. Gardening/Botany (#787) buy button

"The Odyssey Book of American Wildflowers" by H.W. Rickett
  1964, Hardcover $ 22.00    pub. 1964, Hardcover, Book in excellent condition, dustjacket in very good condition. Photographs by Farrell Gerhan. New York Botanical Garden, photographs, wildflowers, gardening Gardening/Botany (#3101) buy button

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