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There are 128 matching titles. Displaying matches 1 through 25.

"The Book of Birds: The First Work Presenting in Full Color All the Major Species of the United States and Canada" by Gilbert Grosvenor
  1937, 730pp. Hardcover $ 25.00    2 vols. Very good/no dustjacket. 950 color pictures. Ornithology. Nature (#2098) buy button

"Stalking Birds with Color Camera, Rev. Ed." by Arthur A. Allen
  1963, 351pp. Hardcover $ 25.00    Excellent/fair dustjacket. 494 photographic illustrations. Front flap of dustjacket is torn. Nature (#2101) buy button

"Useful Birds and their Protection, 4th Ed." by Edward Howe Forbush
  1913, 451pp. Hardcover $ 40.00    Very good/no dustjacket. Ornithology. Nature (#2102) buy button

"Names and Portraits of Birds which Interest Gunners" by Gurdon Trumbull
  1888, 221pp. Hardcover $ 35.00    Good/no dustjacket. Spine and corners are fraying. Front inside hinge is cracked. 1st Ed. Illustrated. Nature - Field Guides (#2103) buy button

"Birds of California" by Irene Grosvenor Wheelock
  1904, 578pp. Full leather $ 40.00    An Introduction to More Than Three Hundred Common Birds of the State and Adjacent Islands Green flexible leather binding in good condition, Spine slightly worn, ribbon bookmark attached, gold-stam (#2022) buy button

"Bird-Life" by Frank M. Chapman
  1907, 195pp. Hardcover $ 35.00    A Guide to the Study of our Common Birds, 75 Full-page colored plates, 88 page Appendix for the use of Teachers, Good/ No dust jacket, slightly loose spine, bumped corners, Ornithology Nature (#2025) buy button

"Bird Studies with a camera" by Frank M. Chapman
  1914, 218pp. Hardcover $ 25.00    Good/ No dust jacket, over 100 B&W photographs by the author, Ornithology Nature (#2026) buy button

"The Book of Bird Life" by Arthur A. Allen
  1961, 396pp. Hardcover $ 20.00    A Study of Birds in Their Native Haunts Photographs by the Author, Very good/ Good dustjacket, DJ repaired with tape, Ornithology Nature (#2031) buy button

"Bird-Life: A Guide to the Study of our Common Birds" by Frank M. Chapman
  1919, 195pp. Hardcover $ 35.00    Good/no dustjacket. Corners are fraying; pages are yellowed. Illustrated with b&w drawings and 75 full-page colored plates. 88-page Teachers' Appendix. Ornithology. Nature - Field Guides (#2032) buy button

"Birds of the New York City Region" by Ludlow Griscom
  1923, 400pp. Hardcover $ 25.00    Good/no dustjacket. Pencilled marginalia. Includes fold-out map. Illustrated with 6 colored plates and 30 b&w paintings or photos, from various sources. Ornithology. Nature - Field Guides (#2033) buy button

"Bird Stories from Burroughs: Sketches of Bird Life Taken from the Works of John Burroughs" by John Burroughs
  1911, 174pp. Hardcover $ 10.00    Good/no dustjacket. Cover is stained and some pages are creased. 8 plates of illustrations. Ornithology. Nature (#2034) buy button

"Hawks of North America: Their Field Identification and Feeding Habits" by John Bichard May
  1935, 140pp. Hardcover $ 40.00    Good/no dustjacket. Spine is faded and corners are fraying. 1st Ed. Illustrated with color plates, b&w drawings, and maps. Ornithology. Nature - Field Guides (#2036) buy button

"Birds: Their Photographs and Home Life" by A. H. Cordier
  1923, 243pp. Hardcover $ 35.00    Good/no dustjacket. Cover is fraying at corners; pages are yellowed. Illustrated with 145 b&w photos. Signed by author. Ornithology. Nature (#2038) buy button

"Field Book of Birds of the Southwestern United States" by Luther E. Wyman
  1925, 308pp. Hardcover $ 15.00    Good/no dustjacket. Spine is torn at bottom and corners are fraying. B&w illustrations, not credited--color frontispiece by Allan Brooks. Ornithology. Nature - Field Guides (#2039) buy button

"Francis Lee Jaques: Artist of the Wilderness World" by Floerence Page Jaques
  1973, 370pp. Slipcased Hardcover $ 110.00    Very Good+ condition overall. Slipcase in very good condition. Some fading and a crack along one edge. Book itself is in very good to fine condition. Some fading on spine and small stai (#3914) buy button

"Birds of the Eastern Forest: 2" by John A. Livingston
  1970, 261pp. Hardcover $ 44.00    Very Good+ to Fine condition. DJ in very good condition, some wear on corners, two corners slightly torn. Book itself in very gine condition. Spine is solid, no discoloration on pages. Many color re (#3915) buy button

"Life-Histories of the Frogs of Okefinokee Swamp, Georgia" by Albert Hazen Wright
  1932, 497pp. Hardcover $ 125.00    North American Salientia (Anura) No. 2 Very good/ No dust jacket, Profusely illustrated with B&W photographs, Nature, Amphibians, Zoology Nature (#2599) buy button

"Insects of Citrus Fruits and other Subtropical Fruits" by Henry J. Quayle
  1941, Hardcover $ 35.00    pub. 1941, Hardcover, Good/Very Good. Dust jacket chipped and sunned. Price clipped. Second Edition. Nature (#536) buy button

"Insect Hormones" by V.B. Wigglesworth
  1970, Hardcover $ 20.00    pub. 1970, Hardcover, Very Good/Very Good. University Reviews in Biology Series. Nature (#539) buy button

"Infancy in Animals" by Maurice Burton
  1956, Hardcover $ 15.00    Illus. by Jane Burton. pub. 1956, Hardcover, Good/Very Good. Dust jacket chipped. First Edition. Nature (#542) buy button

"How Monkeys See the World" by Dorothy L. Cheney
  1990, Hardcover $ 25.00    pub. 1990, Hardcover, Very Good/Very Good. Nature (#544) buy button

"The Flora of the Cayuga Lake Basin, New York" by Karl M. Wiegand
  1926, 491pp. Stiff Wrappers $ 40.00    Vascular Plants Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station Memoir 92, July, 1925, Very good condition Nature (#2220) buy button

"Bird Life" by Gunnar Granberg
  1958, 223pp. Hardcover $ 15.00    Very good/ No dustjacket, 350 sepia photographs Nature (#866) buy button

"Wild Chorus" by Peter Scott
  1946, 118pp. Hardcover $ 25.00    Fair/ No dustjacket, spine faded and worn, many color and black & white plates Nature (#867) buy button

"A Bird-painter's Sketch Book" by Philip Rickman
  1931, 150pp. Hardcover $ 30.00    Good/ No dustjacket, cover very slightly soiled, color and black & white illustrations Nature (#868) buy button

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