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There are 46 matching titles. Displaying matches 1 through 25.

"Testaments of Time" by Leo Deul
  1965, 590pp. Hardcover $ 16.00    The Search for Lost Manuscripts and Records, Very Good, no dustjacket, previous owner's name, Archaeology, Classical Studies Archaeology (#3202) buy button

"Fishbourne" by Barry Cunliffe
  1971, 228pp. Paperback $ 16.00    General Editor Mortimer Wheeler, A Roman palaca and Its Garden, illustrations, color & B&W photos, Very Good, book plate, price blacked out, Archaeology, Classical Studies Archaeology (#3204) buy button

"The Bull of Minos" by Leonard Cottrel
  1953, 224pp. Hardcover $ 16.00    Intro by Peter Levi, The Discoveries of Schliemann and Evans, Dustjacket, price clipped, Illustrated, Color photos, Very Good, Archaeology, Classical Studies Archaeology (#3205) buy button

"The Archeology of New York State" by William A. Ritchie
  1965, Hardcover $ 33.00    pub. 1965, Hardcover, VG/G, Dustjacket has some wear, an a one inch tear on the front top edge. Illustrated with 135 photographs, drawings and maps. Inscribed on title page. Archaeology (#3321) buy button

"Pre-Columbian Cities" by Jorge E. Hardoy
  1973, 602pp. Hardcover $ 49.00    Trans. by Judith Thorne, Very Good/Good DJ, price clipped, B&W Photos, Area Studies-Latin America, Native American Studies, Archaeology Area Studies - Latin America (#3271) buy button

"The Water System of Gibeon" by James B. Pritchard
  1961, 23pp. Paperback - Wraps $ 16.00    Museum Monographs, Good/cover color slightly faded, B&W Photos, previous owner's stamp on inside cover, Archaeology Archaeology (#3279) buy button

"Hebrew Inscriptions and Stamps from Gibeon" by James B. Pritchard
  1959, Paperback - Wraps $ 14.00    pub. 1959, Paperback - Wraps, Museum Monographs, Very Good, B&W photos, Archaeology Archaeology (#3280) buy button

"The Bronze Age Cemetary at Gibeon" by James B. Pritchard
  1963, 72pp. Paperback - Wraps $ 17.00    Museum Monographs, Very Good, previous owner's satmp on inside cover page, B&W Photos, (#3281) buy button

"Cycladic Prehistory" by Jack L. Davis
  1979, 203pp. Paperback - Wraps $ 27.00    Monograph XIV, Very Good, spine a little torn and taped, book plate, B&W Photos, Archaeology Archaeology (#3286) buy button

"Aphek-Antipatris 1972-1973" by Moshe Kochavi
  1976, 68pp. Paperback - Wraps $ 11.00    Preliminary Report, Very Good, bookplate on inside cover page, Illustrated, Archaeology Archaeology (#3289) buy button

"Aphek-Antipatris 1974-1977" by M. Kochavi
  1978, 64pp. Paperback - Wraps $ 11.00    The Inscriptions, Very Good, bookplate, Illustrated, Archaeology Archaeology (#3290) buy button

"Daily Life of the Aztecs" by Jacques Soustelle
  1968, 319pp. Hardcover $ 27.00    On the Eve of the Spanish Conquest, Translated from the French by Patrick O'Brien, Very good/ Very good dust jacket, Archaeology, Aztecs Archaeology (#3292) buy button

"Maya Archaeologist" by J. Eric S. Thompson
  1975, 284pp. Hardcover $ 22.00    Very good/ Very good DJ, Archaeology, Maya, Latin American Studies Archaeology (#3293) buy button

"The Ancient Sun Kingdoms of the Americas" by Victor W. von Hagen
  1961, 617pp. Hardcover $ 27.00    Aztec, Maya, Inca, Very good/ Very Good Dust Jacket, Archaeology Archaeology (#3294) buy button

"Everyday Life of the Maya" by Ralph Whitlock
  1987, 175pp. Hardcover $ 14.00    Drawings by Eva Wilson, Very Good/ Very Good dust jacket, Archaeology Archaeology (#3295) buy button

"Voyagers to the New World" by Nigel Davies
  1979, $ 16.00    pub. 1979, , VG/G. Some edge wear on front dustjacket. Clipped price. Archeology/Anthropology Archaeology (#3299) buy button

"Report of the Department of the Antiquities, Cyprus 1991" by Ministry of Communications and Works Republic of Cyprus
  1991, 262pp. Paperback - Wraps $ 55.00    Very Good, pen mark on outside cover, B&W and Color Photos, Archaeology Archaeology (#3300) buy button

"Vases et Figurines de l'Age du Bronze a Chypre" by Jean Des Gagniers
  1976, 57pp. Hardcover $ 55.00    Ceramique Rouge et Noire Polie, Very Good/Good DJ--shelf worn, bookplate on front end page, name of previous owner on front end page, B&W Photos, in French, Archaeology, Art-Ceramics Archaeology (#3301) buy button

"Cypriote Antiques" by Vassos Karageorghis
  1972, 157pp. Hardcover $ 49.00    in the Pierdes collection Larnaca Cyprus, catalog and history of the collection, Very Good/Good DJ, Color and B&W Photos, Archaeology, Art-Ceramics Archaeology (#3302) buy button

"Early Prehistoric Settlement in Cyprus 6500-3000 B.C." by N.P. Stanley Price
  1979, 174pp. Paperback - Wraps $ 27.00    A Review and Gaxetteer of Sites, Series 65, Eds. A.R. Hands, B.Sc., M.A., D.Phil. and D.R. Walker, M.A., Very Good, bookplate front end page, Fold out Map, Archaeology Archaeology (#3303) buy button

"Keos I" by John E. Coleman
  1977, 173pp. Paperback - Wraps $ 33.00    Volume I, Kephalia, A Late Neolithic Settlement and Cemetary, Forward by John L. Caskey, Very Good, Author's Signature on Title page, Archaeology, Classical Studies Archaeology (#3304) buy button

"Excavations at Nichoria in Southwest Greece" by George Jr. Rapp
  1978, 339pp. Hardcover $ 66.00    Volume I, Site, Environs, and Techniques, Very Good/no DJ, bookplate front endpage, B&W Photos, Map in back cover pocket, Archaeology Archaeology (#3305) buy button

"The Gods Delight" by Arielle P. Kozloff
  1989, 373pp. Hardcover $ 49.00    The Human Figure in Classical Bronze, a Catalog, Very Good/Good DJ, B&W Photos, Archaeology, Art-History-Ancient/Medieval Archaeology (#3306) buy button

"Beth She'Arim" by Nahman Avigad
  1976, 289pp. Hardcover $ 38.00    Report on the Excavations During 1953-1958, Volume III: Catacombs 12-23, Very Good, Good DJ, bookplate on front endpage, B&W Photos, Archaeology Archaeology (#3308) buy button

"Lucy, The Beginnings of Humankind" by Donald Johanson
  1981, 409pp. Hardcover $ 11.00    The Dramatic discovery of our oldest human ancestor--andthe controversial change it makes in our view of human origins, Dustjacket, Very Good, Illustrated, price blackened, Archaeology Archaeology (#3208) buy button

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