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There are 140 matching titles. Displaying matches 1 through 25.

"The Philosophical Predicament" by Winston H. F. Barnes
  1950, 184pp. Hardcover $ 7.00    Very Good/No dustjacket. Some pencilling. Modern Philosophy. Philosophy (#1441) buy button

"Six Existentialist Thinkers" by H. J. Blackham
  1959, 172pp. Paperback $ 5.00    Good/no dustjacket. Kierkegaard, Jaspers, Nietzsche, Marcel, Sartre, and Heidegger. Philosophy (#1451) buy button

"The Way Things Are" by P. W. Bridgman
  1959, 333pp. Hardcover $ 10.00    Good/no dustjacket. Philosophy (#1457) buy button

"Norm and Order" by Jovan Brkic
  1970, 159pp. Hardcover $ 10.00    Very good/fair dustjacket. Philosophy (#1458) buy button

"Phenomenology in America: Studies in the Philosophy of Experience" by James M. Edie
  1967, 309pp. Hardcover $ 15.00    Very good/no dustjacket. Philosophy (#1566) buy button

"The Concept of Meaninglessness" by Edward Erwin
  1970, 164pp. Hardcover $ 12.00    Very good/no dustjacket. Philosophy (#1569) buy button

"The Problem of Human Life as Viewed by the Great Thinkers from Plato to the Present Time" by Rudolf Eucken
  1914, 614pp. Hardcover $ 12.00    Fair/no dustjacket. Some underlining; pages are yellowing; cover is stained. Author was a Nobel Prize winner. Translated from German by Williston S. Hough and W. R. Boyce Gibson. Philosophy (#1570) buy button

"Science and the Structure of Ethics" by Abraham Edel
  1998, 101pp. Hardcover $ 15.00    Excellent/ Excellent dustjacket Philosophy (#1608) buy button

"Ascent to the Absolute" by J. N. Findlay
  1970, 269pp. Hardcover $ 20.00    Very good/fair dustjacket. Philosophy (#1613) buy button

"Praxiological Studies: Polish Contributions to the Science of Efficient Action" by Wojciech W. Gasparski
  1983, 418pp. Hardcover $ 30.00    Excellent/fair dustjacket. Philosophy (#1616) buy button

"Philosophy in Experience: American Philosophy in Transition" by Richard E. Hart
  1997, 281pp. Hardcover $ 20.00    Excellent/excellent dustjacket. Philosophy (#1625) buy button

"The Basic Problems of Phenomenology (Rev. Ed.)" by Albert Hofstadter
  1988, 396pp. Paperback $ 14.00    Very good/no dustjacket. Translation, introduction, and lexicon by Albert Hofstadter. Philosophy (#1634) buy button

"The Matter of My Book: Montaigne's Essais as the Book of the Self" by Richard L. Regosin
  1977, 274pp. Hardcover $ 15.00    Excellent/fair dustjacket. Philosophy (#1925) buy button

"Sir Thomas More's Utopia" by J. Churton Collins
  1949, 283pp. Hardcover $ 10.00    Good/no dustjacket. Pages are yellowing. Philosophy (#1927) buy button

"The Examined Life: Philosophical Meditations" by Robert Nozick
  1989, 308pp. Hardcover $ 12.00    Excellent/fair dustjacket. Philosophy (#1932) buy button

"Jose Ortega y Gasset: Philosopher of European Unity" by Harold C. Raley
  1971, 247pp. Hardcover $ 15.00    Excellent/fair dustjacket. Philosophy (#1934) buy button

"Charles S. Peirce on Norms and Ideals" by S. J. Potter, Vincent G.
  1997, 229pp. Paperback $ 10.00    Very good/no dustjacket. Bottom of spine is somewhat crumpled. Introduced by Stanley M. Harrison. Philosophy (#1939) buy button

"Human Science and the Problem of Values/Les Sciences Humaines et le Probleme des Valeurs" by K. Kuypers
  1972, 104pp. Stiff Wrappers $ 6.00    Good/no dustjacket. Contains 8 papers given at the International Institue of Philosophy Entretiens in Amsterdam, 1971; 6 are in English, 1 in German, 1 in French. Philosophy (#1759) buy button

"Narcissus Transformed: the Textual Subject in Psychoanalysis and Literature" by Gray Kochhar-Lindgren
  1993, 138pp. Hardcover $ 15.00    Excellent/very good dustjacket. Philosophy (#1762) buy button

"An Enquiry into Goodness and Related Concepts; with Some Remarks on the Nature and Scope of Such Enquiries" by F. E. Sparshott
  1958, 295pp. Hardcover $ 20.00    Very good/no dustjacket. Philosophy (#2139) buy button

"After Truth: Explorations in Life Sense" by Mervyn Sprung
  1994, 189pp. Paperback $ 10.00    Excellent/no dustjacket. Philosophy (#2143) buy button

"Nature and Society in Historical Context" by Mikulas Teich
  1997, 404pp. Hardcover $ 35.00    Excellent/excellent dustjacket. Philosophy (#2145) buy button

"Theoria Vol L, Parts 2-3: The Philosophy of Erik Stenius" by Ingmar Porn
  1984, 320pp. Stiff Wrappers $ 10.00    Good/no dustjacket. Signed by Erik Stenius. Pages are uncut. Philosophy (#2146) buy button

"The Adventure of Difference: Philosophy after Nietzsche and Heidegger" by Gianni Vattimo
  1980, 192pp. Hardcover $ 20.00    Excellent/excellent dustjacket. Trans. Cyprian Blamires. Philosophy (#2150) buy button

"Logomachia: The Conflict of the Faculties" by Richard Rand
  1992, 218pp. Hardcover $ 15.00    Excellent/no dustjacket. Includes pieces by Jacques Derrida, et al. Philosophy (#1989) buy button

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