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Bookery Titles for this Search

There are 12 matching titles. Displaying matches 1 through 12.

"From Sentience to Symbols: Readings of Consciousness" by Ed. Pickering, John
  University of Toronto Press, 1990, Soft Cover $ 10.00     (#4459) buy button

"Foundations of Cognitive Science" by Michael I. Posner
  MIT Press, 1989, Cloth $ 44.00     (#4460) buy button

"Architecture of Cognition" by John R. Anderson
  Harvard University Press, 1983, Soft Cover $ 13.00    crease in lower, open-edge corner of front cover; rubbing at top and bottom edges of cover; mild foxing on cove (#4445) buy button

"Artificial Intelligence and Natural Man" by Margaret Boden
  Basic Books, Inc., 1977, Soft Cover $ 11.00    rubbing at top and bottom edges of cover; open-edge corners have been bumped; some wrinkles in cover on spine of boo (#4448) buy button

"Minds and Mechanisms: Philosophical Psychology and Computational Models" by Margaret Boden
  Cornell University Press, 1981, Cloth $ 27.00    mild rubbing at top and bottom edges of cover; foxing on pages; binding is starting to crack at title page; rubbing and small creases at top and bottom edges of jacket; subtle foxing on jacke (#4449) buy button

"Ascent of Mind: Ice Age Climates and the Evolution of Intelligence" by William H. Calvin
  Bantam Books, 1991, Hard Cover $ 16.00    some mild rubbing at top and bottom edges of spine; lower, open-edge corners of book have been bumped a little; rubbing at corners and edges of jacket; some rubbing/scuff marks on surfaces of jacket; price clipped from front jacket flap; old price label (#4450) buy button

"Connectionism, Concepts, and Folk Psychology: The Legacy of Alan Turing, Volume II" by Ed. Clark, Andy
  Oxford University Press, 1996, Hard Cover $ 38.00    slice/scratch in back cover; slice in back of jacket; small tear on spine of jacke (#4452) buy button

"Consciousness in Action" by S. L. Hurley
  Harvard University Press, 1998, Cloth $ 38.00     (#4453) buy button

"Consiousness and the Computational Mind" by Ray Jackendoff
  MIT Press, 1987, Cloth $ 27.00    mild rubbing at top and bottom edges of spine; rubbing and small creases on edges and corners of jacket; a few small tears in top edge of jacke (#4454) buy button

"Future of the Cognitive Revolution" by Ed. Johnson, David Martel
  Oxford University Press, 1997, Cloth $ 33.00     (#4455) buy button

"In the Image of the Brain: Breaking the Barrier Between the Human Mind and Intelligent Machines" by Jim Jubak
  Little, Brown and Company, 1992, Hard Cover $ 13.00    mild rubbing at top and bottom edges of spine; bottom edge of cover has faded a little; rubbing and scuff marks on edges and front surfaces of jacket; some creases along top edge of jacke (#4456) buy button

"Simple Minds" by Dan Lloyd
  Bradford book/mit Press, 1989, Cloth $ 22.00    some rubbing and small tears at top edge of jacke (#4457) buy button

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