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There are 76 matching titles. Displaying matches 1 through 25.

"Saturday Night, 1953/The Elements" by Samuel Milton Tickle Jr.
  Angorfa Press, 1998, Hard Cover $ 28.00    Letterpress short story chapbook with 5 illustrations printed on Johannot paper. 18 pp (#4726) buy button

"A Double Play of Baseball Novellas" by Merritt Clifton / John Sandman
  Birch Brook Press, 1997, Printed Paper Over Boards $ 65.00    Letterpress edition of two baseball-related novellas: 'A Baseball Classic' and 'Praying for Rain.' 184 pp (#4731) buy button

"A Brief History of Knitting" by Carol Schwartzott
  Lilliput Press, 1999, Decorative Paper Over Boards $ 85.00    Limited edition artist book describing the history of knitting with many hand-applied decorative elements. Housed in custom clamshell box. 36 pp (#4751) buy button

"A Brief History of Paper" by Carol Schwartzott
  Lilliput Press, 2001, Decorative Paper Over Boards $ 85.00    Limited edition artist book describing the history of papermaking with many hand-applied decorative elements. Housed in custom slipcase. 50 pp (#4752) buy button

"Stations" by Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
  Notan Press, 1990, Decorative Paper Soft Cover $ 30.00    Limited edition artist book. Kozoshi text pages interspersed with acetate pages with calligraphy and imagery created on the photocpier from blackberry vines. Cover of Indian handmade Bagasse paper. 38 pp (#4753) buy button

"Lessons From Green Gulch" by Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
  Notan Press, 1992, Decorative Paper Soft Cover $ 40.00    Limited edition artist book. Contemplation of Zen teaching during retreat with artist Jenny Groat. Accordion style binding of Indian handmade Bagasse paper houses four sections with calligraphy, type, and imagery printed on Basingwerk paper (#4755) buy button

"Bad Changes" by Ruth McGurk
  Peripatetic Press, 1986, Printed Paper Soft Cover $ 80.00    Letterpress printed rhyming book with hand stenciling on Arches paper.32 p (#4756) buy button

"Rosie and the Dinosaur" by Ruth McGurk
  Peripatetic Press, $ 80.00    Letterpress printed childrens book with pochoir illustrations. 34 p (#4758) buy button

"People Say" by Logan Pearsall Smith
  Peripatetic Press, $ 60.00    Letterpress and watercolor broadside (unframed) (#4760) buy button

"A Week at the Lake" by Grace Butterfiled Dow
  Out of the Woods Press, 1998, Printed Paper Over Boards $ 350.00    Letterpress chapbook with original wood engravings printed on Zerkall Book paper with handmade endsheets. 38 p (#4821) buy button

"A Dog Named Blackberry" by Siri Beckman
  Out of the Woods Press, 1999, Printed Paper Soft Cover $ 35.00    Offset edition of chapbook illustrated with reproductions of wood engravings. 14 p (#4822) buy button

"A Small Victory" by Siri Beckman
  Out of the Woods Press, 1991, Printed Paper Over Boards $ 75.00    Letterpress chapbook illustrated with background monotypes printed offset. On Mohawk Superfine paper. 14 pp (#4823) buy button

"I Am Taking My Time Making Something" by Jean Buescher
  Bloodroot Press, 1993, Decorative Paper Over Boards $ 100.00    Letterpress printed poem on Ragston paper. Frontispiece silver print photograph. Accordion-fold structure in handmade paper covered boards. 6 pp (#4736) buy button

"A Bird's Life" by Jean Buescher
  Parley Vale Press, 1990, Decorative Paper Over Boards $ 35.00    Letterpress printed poem with metal engravings on Amora Taupe and Chiri paper. 10 pp (#4737) buy button

"Miss Betty's School of Dance" by Jennifer Horne
  bluestocking press, 1997, Soft Cover $ 35.00    Letterpress printed poetry chapbook bound in handmade paper cover and endsheets. 20 pp (#4738) buy button

"Carryin' Sail" by Lincoln Colcord
  bluestocking press, 1996, Pictorial Cover $ 25.00    Letterpress printed on Mohawk Superfine paper and Canson Mi Tientes cover. 24 pp (#4739) buy button

"Rivertalk" by Jack Stecher
  bluestocking press, 1997, Pictorial Cover $ 20.00    Letterpress printed childrens book with illustrations printed from original drawings. 20 pp (#4740) buy button

"Will Grow Under Beeches" by James Sherwood
  Fork in the Road Press, 1999, Decorative Paper Soft Cover $ 60.00    Letterpress short story chapbook. Printed and hand colored illustrations. Genesis and Alabama kozo papers. Soft binding in pastepaper and handmade flax paper. 26 pp (#4741) buy button

"The Five Senses" by Jim Burns
  Incline Press, 1999, Decorative Paper Over Boards $ 48.00    Letterpress edition with wood engravings on Zerkall paper. 20 pp (#4742) buy button

"Oh Mother and Other Poems" by Stephanie Loux
  Protean Press, $ 72.00    Letterpress poetry chapbook illustrated with 2 photoengravings printed on Mohawk Lettepress paper. 44 pp (#4770) buy button

"Helen Binyon's Tiger" by Bert Eastman
  Incline Press, 2000, Printed Paper Soft Cover $ 20.00    Letterpress edition of Incline Press's New Year's booklet for 2000. 10 pp (#4743) buy button

"Parvus" by Sven Ljungberg
  Incline Press, 2000, Decorative Paper Over Boards $ 95.00    Letterpress edition with wood engravings, mostly printed from original blocks on Zerkall paper. Rosemary and Thorsten Sjolin, trans. 68 pp (#4744) buy button

"Pick of Patterened Papers" by Graham Moss
  Incline Press, 2001, Decorative Paper Soft Cover $ 25.00    Letterpress printed New Year's booklet for 2001 featuring 4 pattern paper samples recently reproduced by Incline Press. 12 pp (#4745) buy button

"The Rose Bud, the Rose, and the Thorn" by Robert Burns
  Incline Press, 1994, Decorative Paper Soft Cover $ 25.00    Letterpress edition of 3 songs by Burns. Wood engraving frontispiece. Cover is marbled paper by Ann Muir. 12 pp (#4746) buy button

"Dutch Interior" by David Lehman
  Larch Tree Press, 1996, $ 160.00    Letterpress broadside (framed) (#4750) buy button

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