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Joan Brumberg

Stephen Kuusisto

Kaye Gibbons

Rita Williams-Garcia

Meredith Small

Toni Morrison

Paul Cody

Growing up in a blue-collar, Irish-Catholic family outside Boston, we always had books around our house, if little else. After graduating from High school, and not going immediately to college, I lost seven years-fighting alcoholism, drug addiction and depression. And I spent time committed to state mental hospitals in eastern Massachusetts. I remember rereadingMoby Dick during my last stay on a locked ward, and at the end, as Ishmael floated away from the wreckage on a coffin, I thought on some level that I might survive, too, and possibly live and bear witness to my life. I became straight and sober that summer, in 1978.

I studied English at the University of Massachusetts at Boston, graduated With Distinction In English, with Senior Honors in Creative Writing, and had also contributed articles to the Boston Globe during college. I then worked two and a half years with deaf/blind, retarded adolescents-nearly all of whom had severe behavior problems-at the Perkins School for the Blind outside Boston. It was my way, I think, to give back something of what I received from social services agencies and my college teachers. And I continued to write fiction and non-fiction during this time.

In 1985, I was offered a fellowship to study in the MFA program at Cornell. After completing the degree and teaching for two years at Cornell, I've continued to live in Ithaca, doing free-lance writing, another year of work with the developmentally disabled, and magazine editing-trying to patch together enough paying work, but work that would also allow me at least some time to write fiction.

I won a grant in fiction from the New York Foundation for the Arts in 1989, and was awarded a Stegner Fellowship at Stanford in 1990, but declined because of the cost of living in Palo Alto. I was nominated for a Whiting Writer's Award in 1995, was a finalist for a Saltonstall Foundation grant in 1996, and in the spring of 1996, was one of four finalists for an award given for distinguished experimental fiction by the American Academy of Arts and Letters for my novel The Stolen Child.

I write fiction because it's the best way I know to record and remember and make some kind of sense of the world as I've experienced it. I don't
know to what extent my work succeeds, but it matters to me that I at least try. It seems as though I've come a considerable distance from a childhood of some poverty and anguish, to the point where I can live to tell stories from a few of the darker sides of life.

Unofficial Bio

Born in Newton, Mass., 1953, very Catholic family, parents were once involved with Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker movement, grew up in
a fairly blue-collar family-five kids, mother and father, both of whom worked, and an evil grandmother (kind of) and not so evil grandfather,
who lived on the first floor of our two-family house. (My mother had an astonishing, Dickensian childhood-born in Bellevue, orphaned in New York
City, went temporarily blind from congenital syphilis, was a nun for four years-but very smart, quite scarred but wonderful in her way.) Went to public schools. Did very poorly, though always read voraciously, and always wrote. Skipped school often. Did lots of drugs and drinking. After high school, had real serious substance abuse problems, very depressed; in detox, emergency rooms, psych wards, finally locked on the ward of a state mental hospital. Then got straight, sober, went to college, worked with deaf/blind, retarded kids, grad school, etc. I love my wife and children, history and literature, reading, sports, movies, my friends, Boston, Ithaca, New York City, most things Irish. I love to talk to strangers in diners and bus
stations and just about anywhere, though I should probably know better, given the subject of my novels.

Frances Mayes

Joann Beard

Mollie Katzen

Margaret Atwood

Arundhati Roy

James McBride

Jodi Dean

Joe Amato

Annie Dillard

Harper Lee

Stephen Sass

Caleb Carr

Jon Krakauer

Rebecca Wells

Cokie Roberts

Seamus Deane

Nuala O'Faolain

Ann Bnson

Dr. Seuss

Paul Rudnick

Cormac McCarthy

Alice Hoffman

Louis DeBernieres

Philip Roth

Edward Wilson

Denise Gelberg

J. Robert Lennon

J. Robert Lennon is a writer, but has worked as a teacher, deli clerk, sport fisherman, drill press operator, cartographer, assistant vice president of demographic research, pornographer, paleontologist, "action" painter, composer of inspirational hymns for the Ford Motor Company, golf pro, tennis pro, ball boy, masseuse, toady, tough, trucker, U.S. ambassador to Denmark, key grip, guinea pig, snack chef, food photographer, dean of students, meat inspector, journeyman pharmacist, slumlord, drummer, artificial inseminator, personal assistant to Ms. Winfrey, farmer, front half of donkey, tobacco lord, community affairs liaison, and witch.Ê His work has appeared in many journals, including North Dakota Sweethearts, Sisyphus 24, Bread World, Zzzap!: the Magazine of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Action Figures Collectors' Guild, Green Mother, Paunch Fetish, Parrot Fancy, Hutt Family Annual Newsletter, Beach House Quarterly, Journal of Soil Quality Assessment and Watershed Preservation, High Intensity Rock and Roll, Short Hair, Skate Now, Vintage Garment Restoration Annual, Big Bride, Estate Living, Conscientious Extralegal Dissident Activity, New Ideas for the Country Home, and Partisan Review for Kids!. He lives in Ithaca, New York with his wife and son and their many ferrets.

On "The Funnies":

A great while ago I thought to write a novel about popular culture: it was going to follow the best rock and roll band in the world through all their petty failures, foremost among them their inability to be taken seriously by anyone. If that novel had a theme, it would have been that art can rise up out of crap, given enough time to gestate.

But I dropped the idea. Dignifying rock musicians seemed too much a moral crusade (some of my favorite music is by rock bands) and occupied ground I had already covered before, in several aborted pieces of juvenilia. Still, the theme stuck with me. Later I got the idea to write something about the real family behind a family-oriented comic strip, and when a friend told me that the four children in a certain popular strip were actually five in real life, the pieces of The Funnies began to fall into place.

Cartoons are miracles of code and symbol. There are visual abbreviations for everything, including emotion (emenata, plews), physical action (hites, briffits, agitrons), light and temperature (solrads and lapsebeams), tactile sensation (vites and dites), and of course epithet (jarns, quimps, nittles and grawlixes).(1)Like all good art, good cartoons hinge on the subtlest of details; the slightest jiggle of a pen can transform Queen Elizabeth into Jack the Ripper.

Good cartoons trust us to read between the lines. Their characters must bear the stupidest of gags without disappointing us, and have to stretch the limits of who they are without ever becoming somebody else. Strips must embrace limitation and repetition, like a villanelle or a Philip Glass opera, and squeeze emotion out of them.Ê They should reflect, mock, and contribute to our culture, all at the same time. And since they're the first thing we read when we get out of bed, they had better be snappy about it.

And so Tim Mix, The Funnies's main character, is not, as he at first believes, selling his soul when he quits his stalled installation art career to take over his late father's comic strip; he is learning how to be an artist, which is not dissimilar to learning to live with what you've got, and making it into something worth having. I had more fun with this book than anything else I've ever written. While all the characters, including Tim, are made up, its voice is my own, or about as close to it as I'll ever be willing to come. The opportunity to indulge myself in over-the-top comic set pieces, a villain with a shaved head, crematorial entrepreneurs, New Jersey, labor unrest, lightbulb jokes and a secret self-storage warehouse was more than I could resist, and it's a lapse in restraint I haven't regretted for a minute. I only hope that readers will say the same.

While I was writing The Funnies, I saw a "Blondie" comic strip in which Dagwood cracks wise to a barber, who retaliates by chopping his Hermes-like hairdo beyond recognition.Ê In the next day's strip, Dagwood's coiffure is completely restored as he shops for a new car. Perhaps I am the only person in America to have noticed this, but for me, it represents what's truly

thrilling about art, and about fiction: when you're in its clutches, everything seems possible, and is.

(1) terms from Backstage at the Strips, a wonderful book by the multifarious cartoon genius Mort Walker.

Illustration by Ruben Bolling


Kathleen Norris

Nicholas Evans

Ann Benson

Sara Berkeley

Loretta Roome

Michelle Berry

Nick Hornby

Donna Cross

Judy Troy

Marie Winn

Keri Hulme

Rebecca Goldstein

Donald Hall

Barbara Gowdy

Louis de Bernieres

Indira Ganesan

Andrew Vachss

Kerstin Ekman

Joan Tate

Katherine Graham

Yogi Berra

Leslie Silko

Richard Feynman

Bret Easton Ellis

Arturo Perez-Reverte

Peter Mayle

Mary Caponegro

Linda Hogan

Jane Smiley

Don DeLillo

Dominick LaCapra

Halldor Laxness

Harriet Lerner

Mitch Albom

Sebastian Junger

Alison Lurie

ALISON LURIE (1926- ), American writer and scholar, is probably best known for her novels, which have often been described as social satire. She has also published a collection of ghost stories, Women and Ghosts (1994), a book on the psychology of fashion, The Language of Clothes (1981), and a collection of essays on children's literature and folklore, Don't Tell the Grownups (1990).

Her first novel, Love and Friendship (1962), is set in the imaginary New England college town of Converse and describes an unexpected love affair. The Nowhere City (1965) takes place in Los Angeles, where Alison Lurie and her family lived from 1957 to 1961. Its characters include a film starlet, a psychiatrist, and other assorted local types. The War Between the Tates (1974) is set in Corinth University, which has been said to have some similarities to Cornell, and its main characters are a professor who becomes involved with a graduate student, and his distressed wife. It later became an NBC television film starring Elizabeth Ashley and Richard Crenna.

Real People (1969) and Imaginary Friends (1967) also take place in upstate New York: the first in an artists' colony and the second in a small town where a group of eccentrics believe themselves to be in touch with flying saucers. (This novel was made into a Thames television series in 1987.) Only Children (1979), the story of a disastrous weekend houseparty, is also set in rural New York state but in the 1930's.

Since 1970, Alison Lurie has spent part of the winter in Key West, Florida, which is the setting for much of The Truth About Lorin Jones (1989). She also visits Britain once a year. Foreign Affairs (1984), which won the Pulitzer Prize, takes place in London and relates the adventures of two American academics abroad. It was made into a film for television with Joanne Woodward and Brian Denehey. The Truth About Lorin Jones (1989), follows the adventures of a biographer who is researching the life of a famous woman painter. It won the Prix Femina Etranger in France.

Alsion Lurie's most recent novel, The Last Resort (1998) takes place in Key West, Florida, where Wilkie Walker, a world-famous naturalist, and his wife Jenny Walker, come to spend the winter. Though they have been happily married for twenty-five years, things have recently begun to go wrong: Wilkie believes that he is fatally ill and is planning to drown himself. Jenny, who does not know this, thinks that he no longer loves her. Presently they become involved with several local characters, who alter their views of love, marriage, feminism, the environment, aging, and death.

Alison Lurie is also the author of three collections of traditional folktales for children, and was co-editor of the 73-volume Garland Library of Children's Classics. Since 1970 she has taught literature, folklore, and writing at Cornell University. She is married to the writer Edward Hower and has three grown sons and three grandchildren. Her hobbies nclude gardening, needlepoint, and the collecting of contemporary folklore and ghost stories.


Brian Hall

Brian Hall has lived in Ithaca since 1988. He was born and raised in Lexington, Massachusetts and graduated from Harvard College in 1981. Not knowing what else to do, he spent two years bicycling in Western and Eastern Europe, living mostly in a tent. When he returned to the U.S. in 1984, still not knowing what else to do, he became a writer. His account of his experiences while traveling and living in Eastern Europe was published, after many rejections, and the loss of hope, by Hill and Wang in 1988. Four books have since followed: two novels, an account of his travels in Yugoslavia during the break-up, and a biography of his daughter from birth to age three. These books have been issued by various publishers, as Hall's editors have shown a tendency either to move to other houses immediately after buying his books, or to get fired.

Hall's move to Ithaca was occasioned by his wife, who was offered a graduate fellowship at Cornell University. The two of them decided within six months that Ithaca was the home they had been looking for, and unlike Odysseus (who ultimately proved to be incorrigibly peripatetic as an editor), they have no intention of going anywhere else. They have two children.

Hall is working on a new novel which will surely bring comfort to his friends and silence his critics.


Harvard College, A.B. in English and American Literature and Language,

summa cum laude, 1981.

Ursula Hegi

Edwidge Danticat

Richard Russo

Dennis Miller

Thomas Krens

Ted Landau

Ruth Ozeki

Gary Weissbrot

Geoff Dyer

Elinor Lipman

Alan Katz

Bill Bryson

Katy Payne

Harvey Fireside

After teaching 32 years at N. Y. Institute of Technology, Ithaca College and Cornell University, I have turned to writing nonfiction for Young Adults. Five of these books have been about Supreme Court cases, the Constitution and refugees. A sixth will describe the Nuremberg Trial of Nazi war criminals in 1945. I am now a visiting fellow at Cornell's Peace Studies Program.

My writing reflects my community activism. Locally, I have been involved in the work of Amnesty International, the Bosnian Student Project, the Border Fund (for Central American refugees), and teaching English and citizenship to immigrants. My scholarly articles dealt with the Russian human rights movement. I have also published books on the Russian Orthodox Church and on Soviet psychiatry as a tool for repressing dissent.

Sarah Betsy Fuller

Gerald Coles

Alice Cook

Peter Rock

George Hudler

Steven Brouwer

Diane Ackerman

Poet, essayist, and naturalist, Diane Ackerman was born in Waukegan, Illinois. She received an M.A., M.F.A. and Ph.D. from Cornell University. Her works of nonfiction include, most recently, DEEP PLAY, which considers play, creativity, and our need for transcendence; A SLENDER THREAD, about her years as a crisisline counselor; THE RAREST OF THE RARE, in which she explores the plight and
fascination of endangered animals; her anoramic A NATURAL HISTORY OF LOVE; the critically-acclaimed THE MOON BY WHALE LIGHT and Other
Adventures among Bats, Crocodilians, Penguins, and Whales; ON EXTENDED WINGS, her memoir of flying; and the bestseller A NATURAL HISTORY OF THE SENSES.

Her poetry has been published in leading literary journals, and in the books I PRAISE MY DESTROYER; JAGUAR OF SWEET LAUGHTER: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS; LADY FAUSTUS; REVERSE THUNDER: A DRAMATIC POEM; WIFE OF LIGHT; and THE PLANETS: A COSMIC PASTORAL. She is also writing a series of nature books for children, the first two of which are MONK SEAL HIDEAWAY and BATS: SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT. She is co-editor (with Jeanne Mackin) of a Norton anthology, THE BOOK OF LOVE.

Ms. Ackerman has received many prizes and awards, including the Art of Fact Creative Nonfiction Award, the John Burroughs Nature Award, and the Lavan Poetry Prize, as well as being honored as a Literary Lion by the New York Public Library. She also has the rare istinction of having a molecule named after her (dianeackerone). She has taught at a variety of universities, including Columbia, N.Y.U., and Cornell (where she is currently Visiting Professor at the Society for the Humanities). Her essays about nature and human nature have appeared in Parade, National Geographic, The New York Times, The New Yorker, and other journals, where they have been the subject of much praise. A five-hour PBS television series, inspired by A NATURAL HISTORY OF THE SENSES, aired in 1995, with Ms. Ackerman as host.

The Planets: A Cosmic Pastoral [out of print]

On Extended Wings [out of print]

Lady Faustus [out of print]

Wife of Light [out of print]

Paul West

Paul West is the author of seventeen novels, recently The Tent of Orange Mist, runner-up for the 1996 National Book Critics Circle Fiction Prize and nominated for the Nobel Prize. He is also the author of ten works of non-fiction including A Stroke of Genius and the bestselling Words For a Deaf Daughter. He has won various honors, among them the 1993 Lannan Prize for Fiction, an Award in Literature from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, and the Hazlett Award for Excellence in the Arts. His foreign awards include the Grand Prix Halperine-Kaminsky for the Best Foreign Book in 1993, and nominations for the Medicis, Femina, and Meilleur Livre prizes.

A Guggenheim Fellow and a Literary Lion of the New York Public Library, he has taught at Brown, Cornell, Arizona, and many other universities and in 1994 received the Distinguished Teaching Award from the Joint Graduate Schools of the Northeast. He was educated at Oxford and Columbia Universities and has just published a long new novel entitled Terrestrials.

In 1996 the French government created him a Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters. Also in 1996, he was once again nominated for the Prix Medicis, given for the best foreign novel.

Jeanne Mackin

Chronologically speaking, I am a loose canon, as liable to be interested in Marc Antony's favorite pastime (fishing, at which he was notoriously unskilled), Marie Antoinette's two-foot high hairdo (meant to emphasize her high forehead) and nicknames for Napoleon (Puss'n Boots, for one) as I am in today's gossip and calendar of events. We readers and writers of historical fiction belong to a breed that refuses to be limited to a single time frame when there are so many to be had, just for a little imagination. A Day dreamer, my grammar school teachers called me. And, thank God, they encouraged it.

While the entertaining, escapist quality of much historical fiction is as quickly apparent as its pedagogical qualities, I think what really strikes me most about historical fiction is that it provides the means to think in terms of metaphor. All fiction serves as a mirror, reflecting ourselves back to ourselves, but historical fiction alters the reflection ever so slightly so that we are invited to make new connections and associations. The world becomes a "what if" proposition, rather than a "this is how it is" place. In that, historical fiction parallels its sister, science fiction. Both are speculative and any literature that poses questions rather than impose answers is on the right track.

A confession: I am incapable of linear thinking. I once memorized Eliot's "Burnt Norton," just so I could hold those last lines in my thoughts: "What might have been and what has been/Point to the end, which is always present." Ultimately, scratch a reader/writer of historical fiction and you'll find someone who doesn't believe in the myth of time, not the way you linear thinkers do. I don't believe in the security police borders of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Eras bleed into each other like over-flowing rivers so that what happened yesterday affects today, and today will affect tomorrow; there is no firm boundary between then and now, so all times are, and always will be, relevant. It is a creed, of sorts. Historical fiction is playful and purposeful and it seems hubristic to ask for more from the printed page. Besides, as a writer of historical fiction I never have to worry about trademark infringement.

Lisa Eisenberg

Let Davidson

Katy Hall

Minfong Ho
[email protected]

I grew up on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand. Home was an airy house

next to a fishpond and a big garden, with rice fields, where water buffalo

wallowed in mudholes, on the other side of the palm trees. I liked the

usual things - eating roasted coconuts and fried bananas, chasing catfish

in the grass in the rain.

Although I write in English, my first language was

Chinese. Because my parents are from China they praised me, scolded me,

told me long bedtime stories and recited poetry to me all in Chinese. No

wonder then, that I think of Chinese as they language of my heart. As I

grew older, I absorbed Thai from interacting with people in the busy streets

and marketplaces and temple fairs of Bangkok. Thai for me is a functional

language and I think of it as the language of my hands. Only much later

did I learn English from strict teachers in school, and so I think of English

as the language of my head.

started to write only after I left home, as a

way to conjure up Thailand for myself, to combat homesickness while studying at Cornell University.

There was a greenhouse on the campus with a single potted banana tree in

it. During my first winter I used to sit near that tree and imagine that

I was home. Soon, however, I realized that words could evoke images of

home even more effectively than the banana tree and I began to write down

notes about the things I missed. My first book, ãSing to the Dawnä (1975),

grew naturally out of those notes.

Since then, Minfong has written two more novels, four picture books, and

numerous short stories. Her books have received various awards, among them a

Caldecott Honor, Best Books for Young Adults (American Library Association),

Notable Children's Book (National Council on Social Studies/Children's Book

Council) and Parents Choice Award. She has also received the Southeast Asian

Write Award, and Singapore's Cultural Medallion.

Although she has lived and worked in several countries since getting her MFA

from Cornell, she and her husband, John Dennis, are now based back in Ithaca,

where their three children, Danfung, Mei-Mei and Chris, all attend school.

She enjoys giving school presentations and can be reached at: [email protected]

John Dos Passos

Chris Rock

Richard Spears

Marjorie Agosin

Fredric Dannen

Beryl McAlhone

Joanne Bernstein

Iain M. Banks

Jan Sankey

Zillah Eisenstein

I have taught and written feminist theory for the
past two decades. My writing spans the political issues of these years:
the inadequacy of white liberal feminism;
the relationships between Marxism and feminism;
the evolving historical formations of patriarchy and its relationship to capitalism and racism;
the new developments of nationalism and globalism;
the struggles of women in eastern Europe post '89;
the exploitation of girls and women in the Maquiladora factories;
the evolving structures of racism in global capitalist patriarchy;
the patriarchal and racialized hierarchies of the information society and cybertechnologies;
and the politics and ecology of breast cancer.

I live in Ithaca, New York, with my daughter Sarah Eisenstein Stumbar and her father Richard Stumbar.

Edward Hower

Edward Hower is the author of four novels, Queen of the Silver Dollar (1997), and Night Train Blues (1996) - both available from The Permanent Press - Wolf Tickets (Viking, 1986) and The New Life Hotel (Avon, 1980), as well as a book of folk tales, The Pomegranate Princess, which he collected while on a Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship at the University of Rajasthan in India in 1986-87.

He has received creative writing grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, The New York State Council on the Arts, and the Ingram Merrill Foundation.

His stories have been published in Atlantic Monthly, Southern Review, Columbia, Epoch and elsewhere. His articles and reviews have appeared in Smithsonian Magazine, The New York Times Book Review, Washington Post, Times Literary Supplement (London) and other publications.

Mr. Hower received a BA in English from Cornell University, an MA in Anthropology from the University of California at Los Angeles, and a Diploma in Education from Makepeace University in Kampala, Uganda.

He has taught at Ithaca College since 1975. At Cornell he has been a visiting writer for a year and taught in the English Department for twelve summers, working with minority students in the COSEP program.

In 1990-92, he was a Fulbright visiting professor at Loyola College, Madras, India. He has given creative writing workshops in Sri Lanka, Greece, England and the U.S. and has taught for two years at a Kenyatta College in Nairobi, Kenya.

Deborah Tall

Deborah Tall has published two books of creative nonfiction: The Island of the White Cow: Memories of an Irish Island (Atheneum, 1986) and From Where We Stand: Recovering a Sense of Place, set in upstate New York (Knopf, 1993; in paperback, Johns Hopkins Press, 1996). Tall is also a poet and edits the poetry journal Seneca Review. She is co-editor of The Poet's Notebook (Norton, 1995), and is at work on a memoir about family secrets. She has taught writing and literature at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York, since 1982, and has won a number of awards for her work. She lives in Ithaca, New York, with her husband, poet David Weiss, and their daughters Zoe and Clea.

David Lehman

David Lehman was born in New York City in 1948.
He is the author of three collections of poems: An Alternative to Speech(1986) and Operation Memory (1990), both from Princeton, and Valentine Place (1996), from Scribner. His latest critical book is The Last Avant-Garde: The Making of the New York School of Poets (Doubleday, 1998), centering on a quartet of poets -- John Ashberry, Kenneth Koch, Frank O'Hara, and James Schuyler -- in that postwar period when New York City was supplanting Paris as the world capital of art and culture.

He has received a Guggenheim Fellowship in poetry, an Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and a three-year writer's award from the Lila Wallace -- Reader's Digest Fund. He is on the core faculty of the graduate writing programs at Bennington College and the New School for Social Research. He also teaches a "great poems" course in the undergraduate honors program at New York University. He is the general editor of the University of Michigan's Poets on Poetry Series.

Having experimented with writing a poem a day since 1996, Lehman is completing a new manuscript of his poems under the title The Daily Mirror. A revised and enlarged paperback edition of The Perfect Murder, his 1989 study of detective novels and movies, will be published soon by the University of Michigan Press. A new edition of Lehman's anthology, Ecstatic Occasions, Expedient Forms, containing a poem and a comment on its form from each of 85 leading poets, was released in 1996.

Lehman initiated The Best American Poetry in 1988. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of this distinguished annual anthology, Harold Bloom chose the contents of The Best of the Best American Poetry, 1988-1997, which was published by Scribner in April 1998.

Recent journalistic appearances by David Lehman include articles on Abstract Expressionism and on the painter Fairfield Porter for American Heritage; columns on books in the Boston Globe; and book reviews in People magazine. He has written for Newsweek, The New York Times Magazine, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Newsday and many other periodicals. His poems have appeared in The New Yorker, The New Republic, Ploughshares, Agni, New American Writing, The Times Literary Supplement, and elsewhere. He interviewed A. R. Ammons for The Paris Review. He organized and served as master-of-ceremonies of the Poetry Olympics (pitting teams representing the MFA writing programs of five metropolitan-based institutions) in November, 1997.

Charles Frazier

Kurt Vonnegut

Moosewood Collective

Andrei Makine

Joanne Dobson

Lora Roberts

Charles Harrington

Harold Bloom

Anne Lamott

Oscar Wilde

Matt Ruff

Gail Jarrow
[email protected]

Gail Jarrow wrote her first story, The King's Lesson, at age seven. She has been writing ever since. A fascination with science led her to study biology in college and later to teach elementary and middle school science. Combining her science background with her writing skills, Ms. Jarrow began her publishing career writing science articles.

Since 1985, she has written novels and science books for middle-grade children and young adults. Her magazine articles and stories have appeared in Highlights, Cricket, Child Life, Spider, 3-2-1 Contact, Boys' Quest & Pennywhistle Press.

I write for young people because I
believe it's important for children to discover the joy and satisfaction of reading,ä says Gail. "My goal is to provide pleasure and entertainment, while broadening my readerâs view of the world."

Gail received her B.A. degree from Duke University and M.A. from Dartmouth College. She has taught science, math and writing in grades 4-8. Currently she is a writing instructor for adults.

For information about her school presentations, contact Gail at, [email protected]

Dr.Paul Sherman

Anne Mazer

"I grew up waking to the sound of two big old typewriters typing very fast, a sound that is roughly equivalent in my mind to the smell of hot coffee. Lying in bed each morning I heard the rapid clicking of the typewriter keys, the loud bell of the carriage, my mother's occasional murmur. When my brother, sisters, and I drifted into the kitchen at seven a.m., our parents had already put in a good two or three hours of work.

At the breakfast table, I slouched over a book and ate cereal while my parents talked about writing. Words like "plot," "characterization," and "dialogue" floated past me. They had nothing to do with the books that enthralled me, or with the shining worlds of my imagination.

Our house was full of books, and we visited libraries and bookstores often. I was a passionate reader and an occasional writer. Reading was like falling into another world. I wanted to encompass many lives, many thoughts, many visions with my mind. My love of books was so powerful, yet at the same time such a part of my daily life, that I didn't even notice it.

In school, I often flunked creative subjects. I skipped high school frequently and spent the days reading in the public library. Although I looked at the world through "prose colored glasses," it didn't occur to me that I would be a writer until I was in my late twenties."

Anne Mazer grew up in a family of writers in upstate New York. Intending to be an artist, she studied at the School of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University. She then went to Paris for three years where she studied French and French literature at the Sorbonne, and where she began to write. She is the author of five picturebooks, four novels, and one collection of short stories for young readers. She has also edited four anthologies for Persea Books.

M. Ian Adams

A. Owen Aldridge

Robert Alter

Richard E. Amacher

Victor Lange

Jane Nardin

James Baird

Mary Susan McCarthy

William Barrett

Roland Barthes

Katrine Pilcher Keuneman

Annette Lavers

Susan Bassnett

Joseph Warren Beach

Maurice Beebe

Gene H. Bell-Villada

Antonio Gimenez

Mark Harris

Konstantin Mochulsky

Tony Bennett

Walter Berthoff

Jonathan Bishop

Josef Bleicher

David Bleich

Carol Blum

Richard Jones

Kate Daniels

Charles Osborne

Humphrey Carpenter

Richard Johnson

Jennifer Ackerman

Bill Adler Jr.

James Proimos

Doris Kloster

Christopher Patten

Claudia Hart

Barbara Ann Kipfer

Bryna J. Fireside

What I like most about writing books for kids and young adults is that

I can write about things that really interest me. When my three kids were teenagers and were clearly marching to a different drummer, I wondered if there were other kids out there who also went their own way. I wound up writing a piece for SEVENTEEN Magazine called "Should You Put Your College Education On Hold?" and another for EDUCATION LIFE about kids who go to college one-two and even three years before they would normally finish high school. This led to my book for teenagers called CHOICES for the High School Graduate÷now going into its third edition. (See, when it comes to your own kids, don't get mad-get even! Write about them.)

My interest in women's issues as well as a stint supervising student teachers for SUNY Cortland led to my book for kids on women in Congress. Currently I'm completing Cruzan v. State of Missouri, which will be out in the fall of 2000. I think that it's important for young readers to have books out there that are useful.

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Enid Starkie

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Hagit Borer

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Goold Brown

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Victoria Kloss Ball

Joseph F. Durocher

George Fletcher Bennett

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John Vernon

My father printed books, my mother bound books, and I write them; this may be an improvement over the guild system, but my 91 year old father and 86 year old mother wouldn't think so. As a writer,
I began by thinking of myself as a poet, then wrote three books of criticism,
but discovered novel writing fifteen years ago and haven't looked back.

Most of my work is historical in theme or setting; my sole aspiration,
however, is to create works of art that will entertain and instruct a literate
audience. The subject I keep returning to is the American West in all its
violence, its formal and vulgar language, and its freaky and haunting beauty.
But I don't wish to box myself in, and reserve the right to write about
whatever curiosity unearths. If it didn't sound too dreary, I'd call myself
a scholar novelist in the European mode of Umberto Eco, Milorad Pavic,
or Jose Saramago, rather than a historical novelist. I research each book
extensively, stitch together fiction and research, crank it up into the
imagination, and zap it with a thousand volts; the result is the Frankenstein
monster called a novel. It has been my habit to correct certain major errors
of history in my books. For example, in Peter Doyle, I arranged
a meeting between the two greatest American poets, Walt Whitman and Emily
Dickinson, who never did meet in the granite of history. Recently, however,
I've conceived of a desire to stick to brutal fact and see whether that
hinders or helps imagination's tendency to cause trouble.

Biographical information: born in Cambridge, Mass.,
educated at Boston College and the University of California, currently
teach at Binghamton University (S.U.N.Y.). Occasional reviewer for The
New York Times Book Review,
and recipient of two National Endowment
for the Arts Fellowships.

Current projects: my forthcoming memoir, A Book
of Reasons,
is about my brother's death and its relationship to the
history of everyday life. In a sense, this book reverses the process of
my novels, which digest research into story--it takes a true story, recent
and personal, and refers it to the past, to the surprising and irregular
upheavals of history.

And I am just launching a novel about John Wesley
Powell's 1869 voyage down the Green and Colorado Rivers and through the
Grand Canyon, provisionally titled The Great Unknown.


English Department

Box 6000

Binghamton University

Binghamton, New York 13902-6000

C. W. F. Everitt

Friedrich Busch

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S. Subrahmanyan) Chandrasekahar

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Richard Bruce Isaacman

Gail Holst-Warhaft

Gail Holst-Warhaft is a writer, translator, musicologist and modern Greek scholar. She was born in Australia and spent six years in Greece, working as a musician and journalist, and playing harpsichord with Mikis Theodorakis, Dionysios Savvopoulos and Mariza Koch. Her book, "Road to Rembetika", was the first study in English of the urban blues of Greece. Written in 1975, it is now in its 5th edition in Greek and English and has been translated into German and Turkish. In 1983 she helped make a documentary about the rembetika music narrated by Anthony Quinn and based on her book.Ê Her second book, "Theodorakis: Myth and Politics in Modern Greek Music" has also been translated into Greek. It deals with the troubled but exciting period when Theodorakis's music became a symbol of resistance to political repression in Greece. During her years in Greece, Holst-Warhaft was the representative of the Australian newspaper Nation Review, for which she wrote articles on Greek politics and music. In 1980, after touring the world with the orchestra of Mariza Koch, she married Zellman Warhaft, a professor in the Engineering School at Cornell and settled in Ithaca. She lectured in the Classics Department at Cornell and did a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. Her dissertation research on women's laments for the dead became the subject of her next book: "Dangerous Voices: Women's Laments and Greek Literature". Since living in Ithaca, Holst-Warhaft has translated a number of Greece's leading poets and novelists into English. In the 1980's she also began writing her own poetry and has recently completed her first anthology. She has also recently completed a new book on the politics of mourning. She will spend the academic year 1998-99 with her family in Princeton where she has a fellowship at the Program in Hellenic Studies.

Since her arrival in Ithaca, Holst-Warhaft has been involved with the Institute for European Studies, and has organized a series of workshops on the Balkans. She has also taught courses in the Classics and Comparative Literature Departments at Cornell on Greek poetry, mythology, ancient Greek drama and modern Greek language. She has two young children and spends as much time as possible enjoying them.

Michael Kammen

My life and outlook have been shaped by living for lengthy periods of time in three places: Washington, D.C., Cambridge, Mass., and Ithaca, New York (since 1965). Spending academic years in Greece, Paris, Stanford and Pasadena, California, plus frequent return visits to Washington have also added in various ways to my perspectives on life, history, and culture. So, too, have numerous lecture trips abroad to western Europe, South America, China, Japan, and Israel.

As a historian and writer my interests have shifted and grown over a period spanning close to four decades. I began by writing about Anglo-American politics in the 17th and 18th centuries, and published several books and related articles about the period during the 1960s and early '70s. I then turned to the history of colonial New York, and first edited the classic history written by the last chief justice of the colony and then wrote my own Colonial New York--A History (1975; Oxford paperback 1996).

I then became quite interested in what the first half of American history had meant to people living during the second half, and especially during the past century. That led me to write A Season of Youth: The American Revolution and the Historical Imagination (1978) and A Machine That Would Go of Itself: The Constitution in American Culture (1986). The latter book involved an experiment: blending cultural with constitutional history, and even elements of legal history.

Subsequently, since 1987, I have been concentrating primarily on various aspects and phases of American cultural history. The major effort resulted in Mystic Chords of Memory: The Transformation of Tradition in American Culture (1991; Vintage paperback), but also Meadows of Memory: Image of Time and Tradition in American Art and Culture (1992). My interest in American art as a cultural phenomenon has led to other projects, including a forthcoming biography of the Social Realist Robert Gwathmey (1903-88), which will appear in September 1999 in conjunction with the first major museum retrospective of his paintings concerning African-American life in the rural South.

Since the early 1990s I have also been very much engaged by the history of cultural criticism, which led to The Lively Arts: Gilbert Seldes and the Transformation of Cultural Criticism in the United States (1996), and now a newly completed book concerning cultural stratification and changing levels of taste in the United States. That book will appear in the late spring of 1999 as American Culture, American Tastes: Social Change and the 20th Century (Knopf), and will emphasize the changing dynamics of popular and mass culture.

My work-in-progress continues to involve the history of cultural sites as well as museums of history and art. I also have a long-term project that traces the four seasons as a motif in art and literature, in Europe as well as in the United States.

For an autobiographical essay, see Contemporary Authors: Autobiography Series, vol. 23 (1996), 133-63, which includes a bibliography at the end.

J. Samuel Bois

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Earnest Albert Hooton

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Brian M. Fagan

Frederick C. Gamst

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Robert J. Gillooly

Vinigi L. Grottanelli

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W.H. Auden

Robert M. Adams

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Norman H. Barlow

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Bunny McCune

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Philip Lopate

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Thom Ward

Thom Ward holds degrees in English from The College of Wooster and the SUNY College at Brockport. Currently, he is Editor/Development Director for BOA Editions, Ltd., an independent publishing house of American poetry and poetry in translation. His poetry collection Small Boat With Oars of Different Size, will be published by Carnegie Mellon University Press in January, 1999. He also teaches writing workshops at Roberts Wesleyan College, in elementary and secondary schools and through The Writers & Books Literary Center in Rochester, NewYork.

Ward is the recipient of three grants from The New York Foundation For The Arts, and his poems have been published widely in journals, anthologies and newspapers. He is also the author of a poetry chapbook manuscript, Tumblekid, and is working on a third poetry collection, Among The Scattered Farms. He lives with his wife, three children, two cottonwood trees, a cat, a mouse and a guinea pig in Palmyra, New York.

"The Lost Remote Support Group"

meets twice a month in the basement
of Nick's Appliance,
coffee and folding chairs snapped
in a circle, our hands restless -
needing more
than Styrofoam cups, hands
that once brandished smooth
black rectangles, simple
declaratives entrusted to small buttons.

So many different versions of the same
episode: a guy
empties the trash, puts the sheets
in the dryer, briefly interrupted
from the new
Chuck Norris show, the rest
of the night an ongoing search
for the zapper
last seen on the table with the chips
and the beer. Take a man like
Monroe Phelps,
counselor-at-law and king of the cross-
examination, convinced that his mutt,
half-setter, half-flake,
buried the remote and so unable
to sleep, slippers and robe, grabs a shovel,
pops the floods,
and digs three dozen holes four feet apart
throughout his entire back yard.
Or, how about
Chet Gilson, clever enough to switch
circuits in his Zenith Super Shooter,
has the gadget
running the PC, the microwave,
comes home from work and on the floor
one piece of plastic,
no batteries or guts, only the cover,
useless itself, all that's left of his adroit
invention. What's worse,
of course, than confessing our inherent sloth
is that none of us can rule out
the possibility
we could have prevented the abduction,
even as we attempt to muffle our guilt,
the urge to scamper
into K Mart for some cheap facsimile.
Hey, we're men without remotes,
meeting twice a month
in a basement, confiding how we've failed,
how much it hurts. And that's not easy.
Believe us.
All we want is to find what's vanished
so we might regain a smattering
of control, do
what we're programmed to do, those
things we've always done and done
so well -

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Salman Rushdie

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Ira Beryl Brukner

Ira Beryl Brukner was born in 1948 in Jacksonville, Florida. Mr. Brukner has taught at Middlebury College, Castleton State College, Community College of Vermont, and Tompkins Cortland Community College. For many years, Mr. Brukner was a poet-in-the-schools in New York and Vermont. As a performance-poet, Mr. Brukner has presented his work with jazz musicians Don Cherry, Joel Forrester, and Billy Bang in New York and Amsterdam. Ira Beryl Brukner has received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts, Vermont Council for the Arts, and Jerome Foundation. A member of PEN-American Center and PEN-Nederland, Mr. Brukner currently lives in Ithaca, New York.




    speeding and stopping like

    horizontal exclamation points

    disguised as squirrels

    across green grass

    below the hollow

    listening to my heart

    kite tail gaggles of geese

    blowing through the white

    a high-flying kiwi

    is playing the piano

    I forget my slow foot

    and jump up on the table

    trumpet charms

    a sitting woman

    she shimmies up quick

    on strong legs

    drummer drifts

    bass is on the phone

    a light rain falling

    we walk-skip home

    dancing upside-down

    lightning free

    dancing inside-out

    touch me

    calla lily

    near the straw hat

    of a gardener

    brush of air

    through the trees

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Alan Singer

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Peter Slater

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Loke Wan Tho

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Connie Toops

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F. Finn

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Dept. of Game & Fresh Water Fish

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Benedetto Croce

Benedetto Croce

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Louis MacNiece

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Robert Morgan

Robert Morgan

I was born October 3, 1944 in Hendersonville, North Carolina and grew up on the family farm in the Green River valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains. As a teenager I was interested in composing music as well as writing poetry and fiction. But I was encouraged to study science in those "Beat the Russian" years after the first Sputnik was launched. After starting out in engineering and applied mathematics at North Carolina State University, I transferred to UNC-Chapel Hill and graduated in 1965 with a B.A. in English. In 1968 I received a Master of Fine Arts degree from UNC-Greensboro.

My first story was written in the sixth grade, on a day when the rest of the class visited the Biltmore House near Asheville. I did not have the three dollars for the trip, and rather than let me sit idle all day, my teacher, Dean Ward, suggested I write a story describing how a man lost in the Canadian Rockies, without a gun or knife, makes his way back to civilization. All day I sat in the classroom by myself working at the details of my character's escape from the wilderness. I was so absorbed in my story I was surprised to find the other students had returned that afternoon.

My first writing teacher was the novelist Guy Owen at N.C. State. He encouraged me to write stories and poems about the place and people where I had grown up. One day he brought one of my stories to class, an account of visiting my great-grandmother in an old house in the mountains, and he announced he had wept when he read the story. This was better praise than I had gotten in math classes, and I was hooked on writing.

My earliest publications were short stories, but I soon became caught up in the excitement about poetry in the late 1960s. I had a lot of encouragement from Jessie Rehder at UNC-Chapel Hill and Fred Chappell at UNC-Greensboro. Fred was the best reader of poetry I had ever met. I also received significant support from the editors of the magazine Lillabulero, William Matthews and Russell Banks, who published many of my poems and brought out my first book, Zirconia Poems, in 1969.

After coming to Cornell in 1971, I wrote only poems for ten years, and published three more books of poems, Land Diving, Trunk & Thicket, and Groundwork. But in 1980 I began writing fiction again, and published my first book of short stories, The Blue Valleys, in 1989. But I also published three more books of poetry,

At the Edge of the Orchard Country, 1987, Sigodlin, 1990, and Green River: New and Selected Poems, 1991.

I received NEA grants in 1974, 1981, and 1987. In 1988 I was awarded a Guggenheim fellowship, and a Rockefeller Foundation fellowship. In 1991 I was given the James G. Hanes Poetry Prize by the Fellowship of Southern Writers, and the North Carolina Literature Award.

In 1992 I published The Mountains Won't Remember Us, a volume of stories and a novella. Good Measures, a collection of essays and interviews on poetry, was published in 1993. In 1994 I published the novel The Hinterlands. My novel The Truest Pleasure was listed by Publisher's Weekly as one of the notable books of 1995 and was finalist for the Southern Book Critics Circle Award. My story "The Balm of Gilead Tree" was included in the 1997 O. Henry Awards anthology. A new novel, Gap Creek, will be published by Algonquin Books in 1999. The Balm of Gilead Tree: New and Selected Stories will also appear from Gnomon Press in 1999. LSU Press will bring out Topsoil Road, a book of new poems, in 2000.

In the spring of 1998 I was McGee Visiting Professor of Writing at Davidson College. At present I am Kappa Alpha Professor of English at Cornell University.

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Wallace M. Pasika

Johann Fuchs

Franz von Kobell

I. Prigogine

Stuart A. Rice

G.B. Sergeev

V.A. Batyuk

H.W. Zandbergen

Valentin Wehefritz

George B. Kistiakowsky

G.R. Luckhurst

G.W. Gray

Campbell Morfit

Clarence Morfit

D.A. Ramsay

J. Hinze

Douglas C. Neckers

F.W. Flattely

J.B. Wilkinson

Spence Spencer

Karl M. Wiegand

Arthur J. Eames

S.R. Stoddard

A.J. Allen

Frederick Jackson Turner

Matthew Arnold

Francis Whiting Halsey

Phineas G. Goodrich

Benjamin F. Thompson

Vincent F. Seyfried

Frank Walker Stevens

J. Ogden Armour

William D. Middleton

Roy Meredith

Arthur Meredith

Robert F. Archer

John W. Regan

None stated

Herman Dieck

Laura Carter Holloway

M. Halstead

W. Andrew Achenbaum

Erwin W. Ackerknecht

Susan Allport

Edwin W. Ades

Stephen A. Morse

Clarence B. Ammerman

David H. Baker

Peter Armitage

Herbert A. David

G. Harvey Anderson

Barbara J. Rolls

Harry G. Armstrong

W.M. Artman

L.V. Hall

William Ray Arney

Juan A. Asenjo

Barbara Andrews

A.-E. Baert

M.A. Koch

Paul T. Baker

J.S. Weiner

Sir Roger Bannister

Howard C. Baron

Barbara A. Ross

John V. Basmajian

Susan Baur

David Bellamy

Andrea Pfister

Mark Bricklin

S.L. Barron

D.F. Roberts

Thomas Bartholin

Francis L. Bellino

Raymond A. Daynes

Christine Billig

Johanna Bleker

Eva Brinkschulte

Joan C. Bevan

Maria A. Pacelli

Stuart Brody

Chandler McC. Brooks

Paul F. Cranefield

H. Leon Bradlow

Michael P. Osbourne

Carlo Bulletti

Erlio Gurpide

Dominique der Ziegler

Sandra Cavallo

Frank MacFarlane Burnet

Sir MacFarlane Burnet

Erwin Bunning

Nicholas Chiorazzi

Robert G. Lahita

George Chrousos

Richard McCarty

George Creatsas

George Mastorakos

Andrew Cunningham

Bridie Andrews

Benoit de Crombrugghe

William A. Horton

Benoit de Crombrugghe

William A. Horton

Alan S. Curry

Alan S. Curry

Claude Debru

Claude Debru

Bureau for increasing the use of quinine (Amsterdam)

Guido Cimino

Carlo Maccagni

David T. Denhardt

William T. Butler

Allen G. Debus

Bennett W. Fletcher

James A. Inciardi

Sydney M. Finegold

William J. Martin

Sander L. Gilman

Fielding H. Garrison

Roger French

Jon Arrizabalaga

W. Doyle Gentry

David Gentilcore

David Gentilcore

Martin Dinges

Thomas Schlich

Robert B. Forney

Francis W. Hughes

Robert B. Forney

Francis W. Hughes

Robert A. Greenwald

Lorne M. Golub

Robert A. Greenwald

Lorne M. Golub

Brian W. Fahey

Brian W. Fahey

Wolfgang U. Eckart

Robert Jutte

Frederick F. Holmes

John J. Kepes

Jordan Grafman

Keith J. Holyoak

Jordan Grafman

Keith J. Holyoak

Mark Graubard

Henry M. Greenberg

Susan U. Raymond

Henry M. Greenberg

Susan U. Raymond

H. S. Hartzog, Jr.

Donald W. Hilgemann

Kenneth D. Philipson

Donald W. Hilgemann

Kenneth D. Philipson

David Henderson

Daniel Philibert

David Henderson

Daniel Philibert

William Harvey, M.D.

Dwight J. Ingle

Dwight J. Ingle

Oriana Josseau Kalant

Jeffrey A. Kelly

Engelbert Kaempfer

Marc S. Jacobson

Jane M. Rees

Bernarr Macfadden

J. McCafferty

H.R. Hoogenboom

K. Kitani

A. Aoba

I. Klimes

S.M. Haffner

John Komlos

Masao Kotani

Haruhiko Noda

Julius Korein

J. Mack Lofton, Jr.

David S. Lester

Christian C. Felder

Jeanne N. Logue

Brandon Lush, M.D.

Cyril M. MacBryde

Victoria N. Luine

Cheryl F. Harding

Maxwell Maltz

Hilary Marland

Margaret Pelling

Robert Matheson

Pauline M.H. Mazumdar

Patrica M. Moore

Robert G. Lahita

David Naor

Pierre DeMeyts

Edward B. Nitchie

Fujio Numano

Russell Ross

Juan A. Paniagua

E. Mansell Pattison

Edward Kaufman

Robert Pollack

Cay-Rudiger Prull

John Woodward

Panayotis Pantazis

Beppino C. Giovanella

J.K. Reddy

T. Suga

David P. Richman

Henry M. Pachter

Stephen L. Sacks

Stephen E. Straus

Irving J. Selikoff

Alvin Teirstein

Nathan Sivin

David F. Smith

Solomon H. Snyder

Jurgen Thorwald

Robert Sackstein

William E. Janssen

John B. Schwedel

George C. Thomas, Jr.

Carol A. Turkington

Jeffrey S. Dover

William Sweetser, M.D.

Leonard A. Stevens

Donald J. Reis

Pascal Bousquet

Amira el-Azhary Sonbol

Martine Strobel

Alfred I. Tauber

Samuel Theobald, M.D.

Lionel Tiger

W.E. Tucker

J.R. Armstrong

M. David Tilson

Charles D. Boyd

Bruce Trembly

William Slikker, Jr.

Morris J. Vogel

Charles E. Rosenberg


Peter Cook

Warren Chalk

Donald Wall

Jose L. Sert

Paul Rand

Michael Adas

Gunnar Adler-Karlsson

Vinod K. Aggarwal

G.C. Allen

Audrey G. Donnithorne

NYS Joint Legislative Committee on Industrial & Labor Conditions

James R. Barrett

Jack Baranson

Joseph M. Becker

Edward D. Beechert

David Bensman

Ivan T. Berend

Gyorgy Ranki

Monroe Berkowitz

M. Anne Hill

Mary H. Blewett

S.P. Watson

K.S. Authi

Paul Weindling

Katharine Wellman

David W. Wells, M.D.

Maria Teresa Monti

Carolyn L. Wiener

Anselm L. Srauss

Greer Williams

Benjamin H. Willier

Jane M. Oppenheimer

Tony Hillerman

Frank McCourt

Melissa Bank

Ralph Ellison

Tracy Kidder

Thomas Harris

Dava Sobel


Norman K. Wood

Paul W. Goaz

Bertram Wiedenmann

Larry K. Kvols

Andrzej Mackiewicz

Aleksander Koj

Almut Lanz

Th. [Thomas] Meyer-Steineg

Karl Sudhoff

Johann Mach

Christoph Meinel

Monika Renneberg

Richard J. Wurtman

Suzanne Corkin

Beate Witzler

A.-J. Manzetti

Norman R. Relkin

Zaven Khachaturian

Paul Weindling

Richard J. Bonnie

Charles H. Whitebread II

Lester Grinspoon

James B. Bakalar

Erich Goode

Lester Grinspoon

James B. Bakalar

Lester Grinspoon

John A. Harvey

Barry E. Kosofsky

Hardin B. Jones

Helen C. Jones

Kevin J. Anderson

Rebecca Moesta

Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk

Roger A. Bowles

David K. Whynes

Dick H. Brandon

Lewis M. Branscomb

James H. Keller

Roeliff Morton Breckenridge

John Brooks

Edmund F. Byrne

Andrew Carnegie

John Kaplan

H. Holzhey

U. Boschung

John Kaplan

John Kaplan

Timothy Leary

Timothy Leary

C. West Churchman

Russell C. Ackoff

Anna Clark

William R. Cline

Surjit S. Bhalla

James C. Collins

Jerry I. Porras

G. A. Codding, Jr.

Clarence Cramer

F. R. Crawford

Joan M. Crouse

David Currie

Charles G. Daughters

Sebastian de Grazia

Adeline Daumard

F. odaccioni

Thomas F. de Voe

Maurice Dobb

George Dodd

John Donaldson

William Green

Gabriel G. Nahas


Robert W. Dunn

William S. Dutton

Boris Emmet

John E. Jeuck

Abraham Epstein

Ralph C. Epstein

Charlotte Erickson

James R. Evans

David L. Olson

Keith Sward

Tony Freyer

Belton M. Fleisher

Joseph Gaer

Peter M. Garber

John A. Garraty

Delsie M. Gandia

Joseph P. Goldberg

George Sweet Gibb

Russell B. Adams, Jr.

Howard M. Gitelman

David T. Gilchrist

Samuel Gompers

Penelope Gouk

Wytze Gorter

George H. Hildebrand

Carol Groneman

Mary Beth Norton

Daniel H. Grover

William Haber

Frederick H. Harbison

Christopher G. L. Hall

Robert H. Haddow

Samuel Hallett

Van Court Hare, Jr.

Alvin H. Hansen

Tamara K. Harevan

Randolph Langenbach

Joseph Harrington, Jr.

Royden Harrison

Friedrich A. Hayek

Friedrich A. Von Hayek

Friedrich A. Hayek

William Haynes

Henry Hazlitt

W. Henderson

John W. Hevener

Heywood-Wakefield Co.

Gibbs M. Smith

Warren F. Hickernell

Stewart H. Holbrook

Marya W. Holcombe

Judith K. Stein

Calvin B. Hoover

B.U. Ratchford

Richard P. Horwitz

Jon Huer

Jackson N. Huddleston

James G. Needham

Stuart W. Frost

Stephen Alfred Forbes

Robert Earl Richardson

Benjamin Kline Hunnicutt

Keith Hutchison

Arthur Hugh Jenkins

Vernon H. Jensen

Christopher H. Johnson

David Richard Kasserman

Michael Kazin

L.C.A. Knowles

Louis J. Walinsky

Graham Laing

John Laslett

Ervin Laszlo

Joel Kurtzman

Ervin Laszlo

Joel Kurtzman

J. Laurence Laughlin

Israel M. Kirzner

Joseph Stagg Lawrence

James A. Lee

William L. Standard

H. Jeffrey Leonard

Wassily Leontief

Faye Duchin

Sar A. Levitan

Robert Taggart

Sar A. Levitan

S. Leon Levy

Henry Demarest Lloyd

John Lovell

David Lynch

Cathy L. McHugh

Paul Mantoux

Isaac F. Marcosson

Jorge Lozoya

A. K. Bhattacharya

Jan M. Michal

David E. Koskoff

John Stuart Mill

Gwendolyn Mink

David Montgomery

Fred Mooney

Vincent P. Carosso

Rose C. Carosso

Daniel P. Moynihan

A. E. Musson

Eric Robinson

Margaret Myers

Gerald Nadler

Edward J. Nell

Benjamin N. Nelson

Herbert R. Northrup

Sylvia Ostry

Grace Palladino

Gladys Palmer

Herbert S. Parnes

Henry Pelling

J. C. Penney

Thomas Petzinger, Jr.

Robert E. Pike

Richard Preston

Frances Manwaring Caulkins

Theodore V. Purcell, S.J.

Paul Prasow

Edward Peters

Clyde V. Prestowitz, Jr.

Lawrence S. Ritter

William L. Silber

P. Ramalingam

Susan U. Raymond

G. Renard

G. Weulersse

Piero Sraffa

M. H. Dobb

Kenneth Richardson

C. N. O'Gallagher

Sylvia Ostry

Richard R. Nelson

W. A. Robson

Murray N. Rothbard

Murray N. Rothbard

Virginia Cowles

Theodore Rothstein

Lawrence R. Samuel

Alfred Sauvy

R.E. Snodgrass

William Trelease

Albert Hazen Wright

J.G. Needham

P.W. Claassen

Edward G. Voss

Rudolf Arnheim

W.M. Scammell

Henry R. Seager

Charles A. Gulick, Jr.

Ben B. Seligman

William Gerald Shade

Crandall A. Shifflett

Richard V. Clemence

S. Sideri

S. Johns

Leopoldo Solis

Carl Siracusa

Klaus-Heinrich Standke

M. Anandakrishnan

George W. Stocking

Myron W. Watkins

David B. Steinman

Clarence Lee Swartz

Benjamin Stolberg

Victor Strauss

Marshall Olds

O. D. Skelton

Frank Tannenbaum

Susan U. Raymond

Ida M. Tarbell

Sidney Schoeffler

F. W. Taussig

R. H. Tawney

Richard F. Teichgraeber, III

Robert Ellis Thompson

Willard L. Thorp

Richard E. Quandt

Lars Tvede

David Tilman

Jan Todd

Anne Huber Tripp

S. Herbert Unterberger

John Van Der Zee

J. G. Van Dillen

Herbert V. Young

Louise C. Wade

Anthony F. C. Wallace

Jude Wanniski

Dwayne Ward

Fabian Ware

R. Gordon Wasson

Thomas Graham Belden

Marva Robins Belden

Thomas J. Watson

Pat Watters

Sidney Webb

Beatrice Webb

David A. Wells

Hoyt N. Wheeler

John Wheeler

Edward A. Wieck

Greg Gatenby

V. D. Wickizer

Alec Wilkinson

Malcom W. Welty

James C. Williams

Archibald Williams

Charles Morrow Wilson

Murray Wolfson

Clement Wood

McAlister Coleman

William Leybourn

David A. Zonderman

Alan S. Gurman

David P. Kniskern

Sigmund Freud

J. McV. Hunt

Stanley I. Greenspan, M.D.

George H. Pollock, M.D., Ph.D.

Robert M. Goldenson

Albert Ellis

Albert Abarbanel

Felix Deutsch, M.D.

William F. Murphy, M.D.

Leopold Bellak, M.D.

Allen E. Ivey

Jerry Authier

Cyril M. Franks

Dorian Feigenbaum

Bertram Lewin

Dorian Feigenbaum

Bertram D. Lewin

Dorian Feigenbaum

Bertram D. Lewin

Arthur Weider

David Wechsler

American Psychiatric Association

American Psychiatric Association

Gordon W. Allport

E. James Anthony

Therese Benedek

Emily Apter

Samuel J. Beck

Hubert Benoit

Milton M. Berger

Allen E. Bergin

Hans H. Strupp

Barton J. Blinder

Barry F. Chaitin, M.D.

Christopher Bollas

David Sundelson

Louis Breger

Antos C. Rancurello

Donald L. Burnham, M.D.

Arthur I. Gladstone, Ph.D.

Robert Cancro

Ruth B. Caplan

Gerald Caplan

Ruth B. Caplan

Gerald Caplan

Ruth B. Caplan

Gerald Caplan

Ruth B. Caplan

Gerald Caplan

Ruth B. Caplan

Gerald Caplan

Ruth B. Caplan

Gerald Caplan

Ruth B. Caplan

Gerald Caplan

Ruth B. Caplan

Gerald Caplan

Ruth B. Caplan

Gerald Caplan

Ruth B. Caplan

Gerald Caplan

Ruth B. Caplan

Gerald Caplan

Ruth B. Caplan

Gerald Caplan

Aldo Carotenuto

C. Barry Chabot

Linda Chamberlain

Michael R. Butz

Anthony J. Chapman

Hugh C. Foot

Geoffrey Cocks

Robert Coles

Gary Collier

Gary L. Cooper

Gerald Corey

Frederick Crews

Trudy Dehue

A. Ross Diefendorf, M.D.

Kevin Durkin

M. Gerald Edelstien, M.D.

David Elkind

Leonard D. Eron

Robert Callahan

H. J. Eysenck

Franklin Fearing

Anna Freud

Otto Fenichel

Craig T. Ferris

Thomas Grisso

William F. Fischer

Seymour Fisher

Roger P. Greenberg

J. C. Flugel

Violet Franks

Vasanti Burtle

Hugh Freeman

German E. Berrios

Seymour Fisher

Roger P. Greenberg

Anna Freud

O. Mannoni

Anna Freud

Paul Roazen

Judy Blume

John Berendt

Nancy Pickard

Isadore Rosenfeld

Jared Diamond

Patricia Cornwell

Alexander Stille

Blanche Cook

Sara Shandler

Robert C. Fuller

G. P. Ginsburg

Naomi Golan

Judith H. Gold

Carl Goldberg, Ph.D.

Carl F. Graumann

Kenneth J. Gergen

Ralph R. Greenson

Richard L. Gregory

Simon A. Grolnick

Leonard Barkin

Martin Grotjahn. M.D.

Adolf Grunbaum

Judith Feher Gurewich

Michael Tort

Rosamond E. M. Harding

Rachel T. Hare-Mustin

Jeanne Marecek

John R. Hayes

Karen Horney, M.D.

Sidney Hook

Liam Hudson

George Humphrey

Edith Jacobson

Kay Redfield Jamison

C. J. Jung

C. G. Jung

C. G. Jung

Robert B. MacLeod

Herbert L. Pick, Jr.

Jozef Kozielecki

Prof. A. Loisette

Linda Schierse Leonard

Jonathan Lear

Mike Lew

Patrick J. Mahony

Alvin R. Mahrer

Leonard Pearson

Wendy Maltz

Morton A. Lieberman

Irvin D. Yalom

John F. Markey

Robert B. McCall

Thomas Garrigue Masaryk

Henry Maudsley

William McDougall

Richard J. Lowry

Alan Monat

Richard S. Lazarus

Ruth L. Munroe

Robert Ornstein

Janet Oppenheim

Katherine Pandora

Colin Murray Parkes

Joan Stevenson-Hinde

Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini

Brian Rotman

Richard H. Price

Peter E. Politser

David B. Pillemer

Nathan G. Hale, Jr.

Elizabeth J. Rave

Carolyn C. Larsen

Theodor Reik

Fredrick C. Redlich

Daniel X. Freedman

Theodor Reik

Paul Roazen

Marthe Robert

Lillian B. Rubin

Royal Institute

I. E. Tamm

Peter Henderson

Ernest Seton-Thompson

Marvin Carlson

Burke C. Thomason

Raymond L. Ditmars

Albert Einstein

Leopold Infeld

W. Heitler

Hugh Hildreth Skilling

Simon Ramo

John R. Whinnery

E. E. Fournier D'Albe

E. E. Fournier D'Albe

Theodore R. Sarbin

James C. Mancuso

Anne Wilson Schaef

Thomas A. Sebeok

Robert Rosenthal

Patrick Mullahy

Michael Tye

Yi-fu Tuan

Sol Saporta

Jarvis R. Bastian

Theodore R. Sarbin

James C. Mancuso

Albert E. Scheflen

Jeri A. Sechzer

Sheila M. Pfafflin

William H. Sheldon

Thorne Shipley

Albert Silverstein

A. T. W. Simeons

Erwin Singer

Laurence D. Smith

William R. Woodward

Joan Gay Snodgrass

Robert L. Thompson

Joan Gay Snodgrass

Robert L. Thompson

Lawrence Shulman

Philip Solomon

Philip E. Kubzansky

Herbert Spencer

M. Duncan Stanton

Thomas C. Todd

Abigail J. Stewart

Anne P. Copeland

Max Stirner

Charles Stockard

Hans H. Strupp

Darold A. Treffert

Michael Tomasello

Josep Call

Howard C. Warren

David Wechsler

Paul H. Wender

Jesse Appleton

Morton S. Enslin

William G. McLoughlin

Gross Alexander

Edward Bouverie Pusey

F.R. Barry

Manfred Barthel

Stephen Fielding Bayne, Jr.

Norman A. Beck

Roger Baxter

Kate Bronfenbrenner

Tom Juravich

J. Lyons

R. J. Wales

Doris Aaronson

Robert W. Rieber

Denise Winn

John Wisdom

Benjamin J. Wolman

Rachel Yehuda

Alexander C. McFarlane

Ernst Bloch

Robert B. Westbrook

H. D. Smyth

Aage Bentzen

Rev. Terence L. Connolly

Daniel Berrigan

John H. Berthrong

L. Elliott Binns

Frederick Jones Bliss

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Donald Goddard

Gunther Bornkamm

William Bradford

B. Harvie Branscomb

John Bright

Ray F. Brown

Sir Thomas Browne

Walter Brueggemann

D. Rudolf Bultmann

Nelson Rollin Burr

David B. Burrell

Ernest DeWitt Burton

Millars Burrows

Barbara M. Cross

Thomas Ruggles Pynchon

Cecil John Cadoux

Adalbert Callahan

Ernesto Cardenal

Carl Carmer

George W. Coats

Burke O. Long

Lord Charnwood

Pablo Medina

Debra Kang Dean

Sheldon Cheney

Keith R. Crim

Menahem Nahum of Chernobyl

T. K. Cheyne

Philip D. Clayton

H. E. J. Cowdrey

Harvey Cox

John Dominic Crossan

Ellen Scott Davison

Powel Mills Dawley

John J. Delaney

Franz Delitzsch

Roland DeVaux

Gale H. Carrithers, Jr.

C. H. Dodd

Franz Delitzsch

Walter Duckat

Rev. Albert E. Dunning

Gerald Ellard

Richard T. Ely

Rev. Gerald Ellard

Rev. Alfred Edersheim

William Fairweather

Frederic W. Farrar

Charles W. Ferguson

Floyd V. Filson

Joseph A. Fitzmyer

Rev. John Fox

D. B. Fry

Ralph Henry Gabriel

H. L. Goudge

Robert M Grant

J. Harold Greenlee

Charles Guignebert

Sir Herbert Grierson

William Norman Guthrie

Wilfrid J. Harrington

Charles Harris

A. G. Hebert

H. G. G. Herklots

June Hadden Hobbs

S. H. Hooke

Leslie G. Howard

William Howitt

Ethel Daniels Hubbard

H. B. Huffmon

F. A. Spina

J. Philip Hyatt

William Ralph Inge

Stanley L. Jaki

F. J. Foakes-Jackson

Joachim Jeremias

Sherman E. Johnson

Howard J. Johnson

Barry Strauss

Graham Russell Hodges

Jen Hill

Michael Skakun

Martha Hamilton

Mitch Weiss

Norbert Hill

Garry Wills

Anita Shreve

John Irving

Allegra Goodman

Victor G. Reuther

Ernest Thompson Seton

Amy Lowell

Maurice Maeterlinck

Muriel Rukeyser

Jeanette Winterson

Cathleen Schine

David Bader

Dave Barry

W.R. Johnson

Estella Lauter

Carol Rupprecht

John Shelby Spong

R.C. Selley

Michael Novacek

Michael Grant

Soren Kierkegaard

Karl Rahner

Elaine Pagels

Paul Tillich

Leonardo Boff

Colleen McDannell

Bernhard Lang

F.L. Cross

Lao Tzu

Oswald Wynd

Robert Cowley

Beth Saunier

Owen Hannaway

Melvin Calvin

Bennett Simon

Bernard Lonergan

J.A. Watt

Steven Runciman

James Bryant Conant

Herbert Feigel

Michael Scriven

G.S. Wilson

A.A. Miles

I.F. Henderson

W.D. Henderson

Whitfield J. Bell, Jr.

I.G. Gass

L.R. Lind

Richard Passingham

William Harvey

William Diller Matthew

Pryns Hopkins

Alfred de Grazia

Peter Gay

Nicholas Steneck

James Garbarino

Jen Hill

Beth Saulnier

Irene Zahava


Charles Eames

Fred Miller

Edward Hoagland

Rachel Heller

Michael Cunningham

Harold Bloom

Nicolas Cheetham

John Hick

C.S. Lewis

Theodore G. Ehrsam

Katharine Symons

Edward Schillebeeckx

Dietrich Bonhoffer

Giovanni Filorammo

Juan Luis Segundo

Gordon D. Kaufman

Aldous Huxley

E.P. Sanders

Hans Kung

Emile Rideau

Roger French

Jon Arrizabalaga

Jeanne Fahnestock

Naomi Oreskes

W.G.L. Randles

F.G. Major

William A.V. Clark

Robert Jutte

Guenter B. Risse

Philip Melanchthon

Simson L. Garfinkel

Nicholas Maxwell

Hooley McLaughlin

Y.M. Guttmann

Michael Ruse

Noam Lahav

Colin Patterson

Partha Ghose

Frederick Seitz

Francis Zimmerman

Douglas Mooney

Randall Swift

Vassiliki Kolocotroni

Jane Goldman

Donald R Lowe

Gary R. Byerly

David W. Valentino

Alexander E. Gates

Arthur Wesley Dow

Norma Daykin

Lesley Doyal

Mark Edward Lewis

Amy R. Meyers

Margaret Beck Pritchard

Franco Calascibetta

Patricia Aceves Pastrana

Patricia Aceves Pastrana

Marco Panza

Clara Silvia Roero

Claude Bernard

Stefan Timmermans

Massimo Galuzzi

Gianni Micheli

Wolfgang R. Dick

Jurgen Hamel

Alberto Elena

Javier Ordonez

David Edgar Cartwright

Rene Sigrist

Lena Andersson-Skog

Ollie Krantz

Charlotte Baker

Robbin Battison

Massimo Bucciantini

Maurizio Torrini

Michael Heidelberger

Friedrich Steinle

H.W. Rickett

Rosemary Verey

Erwin Bauer

Roy E. Biles

Karl H. Dannenfeldt

Susanne Langer

James Summerville

Eve Curie

Melanie Fleischman

Silvio D'Amico

Gabrio Piola

W.R.D. Fairbairn

Joyce McDougall

Lyn Mikel Brown

Carol Gilligan

Laura S. Brown

Joseph Reppen

W.A. Dorland

Arthur O. Lovejoy

Joseph Quincy Adams

William Andrew Paringer

A.S.F. Gow

A.S.F. Gow

Dr. Seuss

Norman Best

Herbert Clark Hoover

Lou Henry Hoover

Heinrich Ries

W. J. Arkell

James Hall

Ebenezer Emmons

Lardner Vanuxem

James DeKay

John Burroughs

W.J. Turner

John R. Baker

Ellsworth Huntington

Nicholas Yalouris

Manolis Andronikos

Douglas Newton

Margaret Mead

Ken Heyman

Alfonso Caso

Glyn Daniel

Robert Gardner

Karl G. Heider

N.P. Joshi

R.A. Skelton

Thomas E. Marston

Charles Rau

Lewis Morgan

Warwick Bray

Earl Swanson

William Howells

John LeRoy

Claude Levi-Strauss

Oscar Lewis

Ivar Lissner

Otis Tufton Mason

Paolo Mantegazza

Margaret Mead

Martha Wolfenstein

Frances Cooke Macgregor

JM Coetzee

Richard Heller

Amy Gash

Joshua Piven

Bernd Heinrich

Bernd Heinrich

Dennis Werner

Dudley Young

Craig Storti

Marjorie Shostak

Joel, S. Savishinsky

W.G. Runciman

John Maynard Smith

Geza Roheim

Carl Resek

Jacob Pandian

Ashley Montagu

Edward B. Taylor

D.C. L.

William Graham Sumner

Edward B. Tylor

John G. Evans

Joseph Dr. Davidovits

Margie Morris

Leo Deul

David Diringer

Barry Cunliffe

Leonard Cottrel

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Louis Charbonneau-Lassay

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Rex Warner

Hermann Hagedorn

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Kurt Mendelssohn

Lloyd Laing

Kathleen Kenyon

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Vassos Karageorghis

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Jurgen Spanuth

Erik Wahlgren

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David Wilson

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Hiram Bingham

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Gary M. Feinman

Warwick Bray

Burr Cartwright Brundage

J. Eric S. Thompson

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Sylvanus Griswold Morley

Robert Redfield

James Lockhart

Benjamin Keen

John S. Henderson

Frances Gillmor

Jorge E. Hardoy

Allen Wardwell

Nigel Davies

Brian M. Fagan

Petit Palais Catalog: Exposition Chefs-d'oeuvre de l'art naxicain des temps pre-colombiens a nos jours

Ruth Amiran

I.G. Gass, M.Sc., F.G.S.

D.J. Wiseman

James B. Pritchard

Margaret Mead

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John F. Cherry

An Exibition

David Ussishkin

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M. Kochavi

A.F. Rainey

Andreas Lommel

Jacques Soustelle

J. Eric S. Thompson

Victor W. von Hagen

Ralph Whitlock

David Hume

Raymond Firth

Ministry of Communications and Works Republic of Cyprus

Jean Des Gagniers

Vassos Karageorghis

Vassos Karageorghis

N.P. Stanley Price

John E. Coleman

George Jr. Rapp

S.E. Aschenbrenner

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David Gordon Mitten

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Jane Austen

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Sherman Alexie

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Antonio Lobo Antunes

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Henry David

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Jennifer Ball

Toni Cade Bambara

Dororthy Baker

Carlos H. Baker

Ingeborg Bachmann

Ramon Perez De Ayala

Honore De Balzac

Rolf Boldredwood

Saul Bellow

Emily Bronte

Horst Bienek

Thomas Berger

Thomas Berger

Donald Barthelme

Djuna Barnes

Arnold Bennett

Charles Baxter

J.M. Barrie


Frederick Busch

Virgil Burnett

Sheila Burnford

Anthony Burgess

Gabrielle Burton

Abraham Burnstein

William F. Jr. Buckley

Claude Brown

Pearl Buck

Samuel Butler

Anita Brooker

Anita Brookner

Miguel Cervantes Saaverdra

Jonathan Carroll

Willa Cather

Italo Clavino

Caleb Carr

George W. Cable

George W. Cable

Robert Olen Butler

Morley Callaghan

Morley Callaghan

George Washington Cable

Italo Calvino

Arthur A. Cohen

Arthur A. Cohen

J.M. Coetzee

Hugo Claus

Winston Clewes

Sandra Cisnero

Winston Churchill

Kay Cicellis

Michael Chabon

John Cheever

Marie Corelli

Eleanor Dark

Douglas Coupland

Desmond Cory

Julio Cortazar

Robert Coover

Pat Conroy

Frank Conroy

Shane Connanghton

I. Compton-Burnett

Laurie Colwin

Benjamin Heever

Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra

Benjamin Cheever

Charles Dickens

Babette Deutsch

Junot Diaz

Peter De Vries

Daniel Defoe

Samuel R. Delany

Margaret Deland

Jan De Hartog

Clarence Day

Lindsey Davis

Christopher Davis

Diana Darling

Robert Davies

Robert Davies

A. Conan Doyle

Dominick Dunne

Jack Driscoll

Slavenka Drakulic

Carol Muske Dukes

Carol Muske Dukes

Norman Douglas

Richard Dooling

James T. Farrell

Percival Everett

Leslie Epstein

Shusaku Endo

Norman Douglas

Elizabeth Russell

Jael B. Juba

Lawrence Durrell

Lloyd C. Douglas

Michael Dorris

John Dos Passos

Isak Dinesen

Joyce Elbrecht

Lydia Fakundiny

E.M. Forster

Graham Greene

Gustave Flaubert

Vardis Fisher

C.S. Forester

Richard Ford

Charles G. Finney

J.F. Federspiel

William Faulkner

Malcom Cowley

Henry Fielding

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Ford Madox Ford

George Garrett

John Gardner

Marie Ganz

Paul Gallico

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

George MacDonald Fraser

John Fowles

John Fowles

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Carlos Fuentes

Carlos Fuentes

Carlos Fuentes

William Gaddis

Ellen Glasgow

Penelope Hilliatt

William Golding

Penelope Gilliatt

Herbert Gold

Ellen Gilchrist

Ellen Glasgow

Natalia Ginzburg

Andre Gide

Maggie Gee

G.D. Gearino

George Garrett

Mrs. Gaskell

Gunter Grass

Giles Gordon

Rebecca Goldstein

Robert Graves

Philip Graham

Juan Goytisolo

Francisco Goldman

Barbara Gowdy

Oliver Goldsmith

Oliver Goldsmith

Mary Gordon

Ron Hansen

Albert Halper

Paul Griffiths

James Norman Hall

Graham Greene

Russell Greenan

Francine du Plessix Gray

H. Rider Haggard

Doris Grumbach

Richard Graves

Doris Grumbach

Doris Grumbach

Robert Grudin

John Grisham

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Andrew Harvey

Josephine Hart

John Hawkes

John Hawkes

Carey Harrison

Elizabeth Harris

Bret Harte

A. M. Homes

Alice Hoffman

Molly Hite

O. Henry

O. Henry

Oscar Hijuelos

Ernest Hemingway

Du Bose Heyward

Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Henry James

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Yasushi Inoue

Michelle Huneven

Kazuo Ishiguro

Edward Howard

Richard Hughes

Bohumil Hrabal

Susan Howatch

Rudyard Kipling

Jamaica Kincaid

Rudyard Kipling

James Joyce

Erica Jong

Janet Kauffman

Alice Kaplan

Juan Ramon Jimenez

Juan Ramon Jimenez

Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

Tama Janowitz

Gwyn Jones

Douglas C. Jones

William Krasner

Allen Kurzweil

Jerzy Kosinski

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Arthur Koestler

Karleen Koen

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Madeline L'Engle

Siri Hustevedt

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Ring, Jr. Lardner

Tommaso Landolfi

Rosamond Lehman

Adam Lee

Choderlos De Laclos

David Levitt

Wendy Law-Yone

David Leavitt

Compton Mackenzie

James McConkey

William McFee

Malcolm Lowry

John L'Heureux

John L'Heureux

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Thomas Mann

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Hassan Khalil

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Lorrie Moore

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Roland Merullo

Czeslaw Mislosz

Christoph Meckel

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Carson McCullers

Warren Miller

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Czeslaw Milosz

Bao Ninh

Christopher Noel

Yannick Murphy

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Walter Mosley

Brian Morton

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Baroness Orczy

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John O'Hara

Dorothy Parker

Connie Palmen

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Cynthia Ozick

Liam O'Flaherty

E. Anne Proulx

V. S. Pritchett

The Abbe Prevost D'exiles

Charles Portis

Gene Stratton-Porter

Andrew Potok

T. R. Pearson

Julia Peterkin

Daniel Peters

The Abbe Prevost D'Exiles

Gene Stratton Porter

Arundhati Roy

Roy Arundhati

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Fr. Rolfe

Morgan Robertson

Mordecai Richler

James Reynolds

Mary Renault

Mary Renault

Rudolph Raspe

Rudolph Raspe

Jonathan Raban

E. Annie Proulx

Arundhati Roy

Lisa St. Aubin de Teran

J. D. Salinger

(H. H. Munro) Saki

(H. H. Munro) Saki

(H. H. Munro) Saki

Salman Rushdie

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Gertrude Stein

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Miguel Cervantes

Isaac Bashevis Singer

Georges Simenon

Richard Sennett

Arthur Schnitzler

Cathleen Schine

Susan Fromberg Schaeffer

May Sarton

Helga Sandburg


Maurice Shadbolt

Richard Sennett

Gilbert Sorrentino

Gilbert Sorrentino

Susan Sontag

Scott Sommer

Gilbert Sorrentino

Tobias Smollett

Charlie Smith

Josef Skvorecky

Osbert Titwell

Henryk Sienkiewicz

Osbert Sitwell

Isaac Bashevis Singer

Jeff Torrington

Jeff Torrington

Steve Thayer

Junichiro Tanizaki

Amy Tan

Gerald Sykes

Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy

Michael Tolkin

Christopher Tilghman

Christopher Tilghman

D. M. Thomas

D. M. Thomas

Paul Theroux

Jonathan Swift

Robert Stone

Anne Tyler

Sigrid Undset

Arthur Train

Mark Twain

Philip Toynbee

Sue Townsend

George W. S. Trow

Anthony Trollope

Antoine Volodine

Mario Vargas Llosa

Laurens van der Post

Mario Vargas Llosa

Mario Vargas Llosa

John Welcome

Denton Welch

Aleksander Wat

Stephen Walton

Stephen Walton

Constance Warloe


Evelyn Waugh

Joseph Wambaugh

Francois Marie Arouet De Voltaire

Lew Wallace

Angus Wilson

Marianne Wiggins

Elie Wiesel

A. N. Wilson

William Carlos Williams

John Edgar Wideman

Nathanael West

Nancy Willard

W. D. Wetherell

Rebecca West

Paul West

Gene Wolfe

Chris Wiltz

Chris Wiltz

Owen Wister

L. Woiwode

Daniel Halpern

H. G. Wells

Marguerite Yourcenar

Themistocles Hoetis

Themistocles Hoetis

W. Somerset Maugham

Roy Lamson

Hallett Smith

Sir Thomas Browne

John Milton

Benjamin, Earl Of Beaconsfield Disraeli

Samuel Pepys

Elbert Hubbard

Oliver Wendell Holmes

John Steinbeck

Edward Ricketts

Marc Chagall

Michael Frayn

C.J. Cherryh

Greg Bear

Jim Munroe

Slavenka Drakulic

Alex Grey

Alan Lightman

Gregory Maguire

Erika Lopez

F.E. Beddard

Irwin Abrams

Neil Jumonville

Roy Grout

Bob Short

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Dean Acheson

Judith Clavir Albert

Stewart Edward Albert

Michael Amrine

Victor Basiuk

Robert Batchelder

Raoul Berger

William Bennett Bizzell

Jean Blondel

Phillip Boffey

Chester Bowles

Louis-Jean Calvet

Andrew Field

Andrew Arato

Eike Gebhardt

Susan Bassnett

M.M. Bakhtin

Caryl Emerson

Michael Holquist

William Stearns

William Chaloupka

Matthew Arnold

Jean Baudrillard

George Bataille

John O'Conner

Irving Babbit

Alfred Arteaga

Cleanth Brooks

Robert Penn Warren

Peter Brooks

David Fite

Marc Eli Blanchard

Mary Lynn Broe

Barbara Bowen

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Keith Booker

William Bonney

Randolph Bourne

Harold Bloom

Gershom Scholem

Theodor Adorno

Daniel Belgrad

Raymond DeMarco

Annette Cafarelli

Max Byrd

Michael Butor

Philip Butcher

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De L. Ryals Ryals

Reuben Brower

Laura Browder

Steven Cassedy

David Carroll

A.Abbott Ikeler

Jay Cantor

Van Wyck Brooks

Van Wyck Brooks

Peter Brooks

Philip Rosenberg

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Jackson Cope

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Peter Collier

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Bruce Cook

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Jay Clayton

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James Woodress

John Randall

Robert Caserio

E.K. Chambers

Allen Thither

Stanley Cavell

Stanley Cavell

Stanley Corngold

Louise Cowan

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Norton Crowell

Michael Shinagel

Jonathan Culler

David Daiches

Linda Wagner

Betsy Drane

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Bryce Courtenay

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Terry Eagleton

Oswald Ducrot

Tzvetan Todorov

Hugh Duncan

Sharon Willis

William Empson

William Empson

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Jennifer Uglow

JOhn Ellis

Max Eastman

Elon Eaton

S.A. Samko

Floerence Page Jaques

John A. Livingston

Arthur Singer

Alan Singer

John Tyndall

John Tyndall

MerrittLyndon Fernald

Alfred Charles Kinsey

American Pharmeceutical Association

Roger F. Anderson

William Hickman

Robert Borger

Frank Cioffi

Robert Blauner

Joel Blau

Daniel Bergner

S.I. Benn

G.W. Mortimore

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David Geithman

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Patricia Pietropaolo

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Lee Durrell

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Brenda Geiger

Michael Fischer

Gerald Geison

Ole Peter Grell

Andrew Cunningham

Kathryn Grover

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Allen Guttman

Amy Gutmann

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Irving Howe

Irving Louis Horowitz

Jennifer Ham

Matthew Senior

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Adele V. Harrell

George E. Peterson

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Charles M.

Burkart Holzner

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Gabriel Kolko

Felix Kaufmann

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Paulette D. Kilmer

Edna O'Brien

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David Leviatin

Seymour Martin Lipset

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Helen Merrell Lynd

Fred Pfeil

Katherine Pandora

William thwaite

Tom Bottomore

William Outhwaite

Tom Bottomore

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Jeremy MacClancy

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Jeffrey Scheuer

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Nicolas Sanchez-Albornoz

Thomas Robbins

Dick Anthony

Moses Rischin

Robert Wuthnow

Alan Wolfe

Bryan R. Wilson

William Julius Wilson

J. Harvie Wilkinson, III

J. Harvie Wilkinson, III

Jon Wiener

Bill Fitzhugh

Malcolm Gladwell

E. Annie Proulx

E. Annie Proulx

E. Annie Proulx

E. Annie Proulx

Danzy Senna

Charles Bukowski

Ludwig Bemelmans

Gene Wolfe

Gene Wolfe

Arthur Frank Wertheim

Benjamin Schlessinger

Bernard McGinn

Luitpold Wallach

Harry Wolhuter

Will Oursler

Samuel Williamson

John McNeill

William Harris Stahl

Nat'l Association of Home Builders

Gary Ransone

David Gerstel

Craig Savage

Karen Jones-Mitchell

Sweet's Group

Leslie Marmon Silko

Leslie Marmon Silko

Charles Baxter

Myla Goldberg

Rafi Zabor

Asa Fitch

William Mather

Crystal Williams

Linda Greenlaw

Joseph Campbell

Virgil Barker

Dore Ashton

Neal Bebezra


Gregory Battcock

Gregory Battcock

Alice Goldfarb Marquis

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Benjamin Lincoln Robinson

Merritt Lyndon Fernald

Mary Black

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Eugene Berman

John Baur

Bruce W. Chambers

Brandywine River Museum

Judy Chicago

William C. Agee

Barbara Rose

Harry T. Peters

Russel Crouse

Erwin O. Christensen

James Conaway

Judy Chicago

Milton Rugoff

BUffalo Fine Arts Academy

Buffalo Fine Arts Academy

Jill Hartz

Lucy McCauley

Mary Black

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Alice Winchester

Anthony Everitt

Barbaralee Diamonstein

John Davis

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Marie De Mare

Barbara Haskell

Indianapolis Museum of Art

F. Lanier Graham

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Kenworth Moffett

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John Thomas Flexner

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Ernest Thompson Seton

Kennedy Galleries

Beth Saulnier

Aimee Bender

Aimee Bender

Lily King

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Morris Louis

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Jerry Kearns

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Charles Rosen


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et al. De Vaucouleurs, Gerard

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Ed. Ni, W.-M.

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Petit Palais Catalog: Exposition Chefs-d<@SQ>oeuvre de l<@SQ>art naxicain des temps pre-colombiens a nos jours

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Bureau for increasing the use of quinine (Amsterdam),

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Catalog: Exposition Chefs-d<@SQ>oeuvre de l<@SQ>art naxicain des temps pre-colombiens a nos jours, P

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Catherine T. (ed.) Stevenson, Robert Louis; Bryce

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David A. Cooper

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Christopher and William Parker Marsh Bamford

Stylianos Atteshlis

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Simon Goodenough

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et. al. Marshalls Zhukov, Konev, Malinovsky, Rokossovsky, Rotmistrov, Chuikov

Deidre Armes Smith

Barry McKay

Bert and Molly Eastman

et. al. Lopez Pinero, Jose Ma

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Madame Lamarquise de Villars

Isabel Ely (Ed.) Lord

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Andre Maurois

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Rose (Curator) Slivka

Martin Lewis

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Hertzel & Bert Wechsler Weinstat

Oliver Trager

Mary Jane Phillips-Matz

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Albert E. Elsen

The Tate Gallery

Shirlee Emmons

Quaintance Eaton

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Alan Schom

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The Prince de Ligne

Duc De Saint-Simon

Marquis d<@SQ>Argenson

Princess Palatine

Madame Elisabeth de France

Pierre and Abbe de Brantome de Bourdeille

Count Axel Ferson

Mlle. Julie de Lepinasse

Olive Beaupre (Trans.) Miller

Olive Beaupre (Ed.) Miller

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Joan Borysenko

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Prosper Montagne

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Mary Shelley

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The Gardener

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Alan Powers

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Andrew Lintott

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Susan Luftschein

The Duchess of York

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Paul Wexler

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Ernest Rubinstein

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and Thelma Golden Piche, Thomas, Jr.

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Germain Seligman

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d<@SQ>Albert; d<@SQ>Eudald Gracia Gasulla i Pascual

William C. Seitz

The Museum of Modern Art

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Meg (Ed.); Bernard Rudofsky Torbert

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Barbara Hannah

Alberto Rios

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Emily Neville

Fritz Muller-Guggenbuhl

Antoine De Saint-Exupery

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Thomas Morley

Nicholas (Translator) Fersin

The Brothers Grimm

Michael A. & Richard L. Thompson Cremo

Ruth and Larry Freeman Freeman

E. M. Forster

Jostein Gaarder

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

John Fitzhugh Millar

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Katherine Scherman

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Horace Kephart

Thomas Cahill

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Janet Brown

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Jonas Frantel

Kurt Lucholsfn

Ernst Caffirer

C. H. B. & Marjorie Quennell Quennell

The Detroit Institute of Arts

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Gnnter Grass

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Peter Achinstein

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Matthias Steup

Roger Scruton

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Marie McGinn

D. M. Armstrong

Ray Monk

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Ned; Owen Flanagan; Guven Guzeldere (eds.) Block

J. L.; G. J. Warnock Austin

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

et. al. (eds.) Wittgenstein, Ludwig; Anscombe, G. E. M.

ed. Davis, John W.

Giles B. Stebbins

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Wilhelm Rudolph

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et. al. Bittel, Kurt

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Kurt Hielscher

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Kurd Lasswitz

Henry Hatfiled

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Barker Fairley

Arthur and Roger Parker Groos

J. P. (Ed.) Stern

Reinhard Urbach

Martin & Erika Swales Swales

R. H. Stephenson

Humphry Trevelyan

J. P. Stern

S. S. Prawer

Siegbert (Ed.) Prawer

E. L. Stahl

Elizabeth Bisland

Lafcadio; Elizabeth Bisland (ed.) Hearn

James C.; Timothy F. Sellner; Robert M. Helm (eds. O<@SQ>Flaherty

James C.; Timothy F. Sellner; Robert M. Helm (eds. O<@SQ>Flaherty

Herbert Zeman

Rolf Christian Zimmermann

J. G. Robertson

L. M. Olschner

Count Hermann Keyserling

Arthur Groos

Lufcadio Hearn

J. E. Mansion

Marc Simpson

Lluis; Melba Levick Permanyer

Frederick George (Ed.) Marcham

Enrico Fermi

Sir Charles; Leonard G. Wilson (ed.) Lyell

L. F. Haber

David Owen

et. al. (eds.) Barut, Asim O.

Martin S. Staum

Stephen Hales

S. F. Lacroix

et. al. Bauer, E.

G. Monge

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W. De Sitter

Tullio Levi-Civita

Sir Ernest; James Chadwick; C. D. Ellis Rutherford

Morris R. & I. E. Drabkin Cohen

Jacques Godechot

et. al. Bohm, David

Arthur I. Miller

A. K. Raychaudhuri

Alfred Lande

Leonard Eugene Dickson

D. J. (ed.) Struik

Selman A. Waksman

Robert Hessen

M. Laue

John J. Griffin

Edward Bailey

Rickman John Godlee

George Birtwistle

Thomas B. Hess

F. S. Lincoln

The Editors of Art in America

Pedro J> Lemos

e. e. cummings

Amanda Akin Stearns

Sal Fradella

Betty Goodwin

Edwin Sutermeister

Lawrence & Elizabeth Hanson Hanson

Giovanna Solari

Rachel Carson

Michael Freedland

Saul Steinburg

Tennessee Williams

Langston Hughes

Margaret S. Ernst

F. Weitenkampf

Victor Lavalle

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Lewis Perdue

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Carl (Ed.) Carmer

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Arnold Brecht

Hanna Fenichel Pitkin

Sharon Irish

T. J. & A. J. Woodman (Eds.) Luce

Roger De Felice

Chick Evans

Calder and Julius Trousdale Sadler Jr. Lothe

Michael Mansbride

Pauline (ed.) Metcalf

Maggie and Herman Lelie Bateson

Barbara Mayer

Barbara (Issue Editor) Johnson

Munro Leaf

Will Barnet

Arnold Silcock

Janwillem van de Wetering

Gustav Wolf

Ernst Lissauer

John (ed.) Simon

Steven Jay Gould

Joseph Brodsky

Soame Jenyns

Herbert (Ed.) Gold

Julius Baum

Paul Ortwin Rave

Eugen Luthgen

Carl Georg Heise

William Alex

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Willi Wofradt

Hector Macpherson

Peter Blake

Neil (ed.) Leach

et. al. Ga¯ner, Hubertus

Joan Ockman

Guy E. Weismantel

Rosalind E. Krauss

Muriel Spark

Donald Kuspit

Daniel Libeskind

Martin Gostner

Peter Andreas

Justus Jonas-Edel

O.M. Ungers

Jr. Mills, Ralph J.

Ludger; Karl-Heinz Winkens; Regin Theodor Schwaen Brands

O. M. Ungers

Sylvie Fleury

Werner Bntner

Taro; Jarg Geismar; Steven Pollack; Jane Sloan (Ar Chiezok

James Keyden; Frank Fantauzzi; Terence Van Elsland Cathcart

Steven H. Rutledge

Etienne Aubrion

S. R. F. Price

Patrick Sinclair

Jane D. Chaplain

B. Walker

Sylvie and John M. Armleder Fleury

O. M.; Kenneth Frampton and Silvia Kolbowski (eds. Ungers

Doreen McCarthy

Matthew McCaslin

Mischa Kuball

Peter Bonde

Karl S. Guthke

Frans & Herbert L. Kufner (Eds.) van Coetsem

William J. Lillyman

O. M.; Kenneth Frampton and Silvia Kolbowski (eds. Ungers

John A. & William Zimmerman Ruthven

Robert and David Lehman (eds.) Bly

Roger Kahn

John K. Simon

David Wallace

Geoffrey; Helen Phillips (Ed.) Chaucer

Geoffrey; Nicholas R. Havely (ed.) Chaucer

Britton J. & Gillian R. Overing Harwood

Lois (ed.) Ebin

Louis Olga Fradenburg

Joseph (Ambassador) Wilson

Russ McDonald

Carolyn Dinshaw

Susan Crane

Bill Shore

Kate Douglas & Nora A. Smith (Eds.) Wiggin

Jim Bouton

Maud & Miska Petersham Petersham

Dorothea Filosa

Betty Sage

Kitty Cheatham

et. al. Armstrong, L. C.

Vittorio Magnago; Romana Schneider Lampugnani

et. al. (eds.) Holmdahl, Gustav

Penrhyn W. (ed.) Coussens

Joyce Carol Oates

Marcel Proust

James trans. Legge

Benoit B. Mandelbrot

David Bakan

Ronald Searle

Lily Braun

Trans. Lane, Edward Wm.

trans. Zeydel, Edwin H.

Quintin Bell

Otto Benesch

Robert Pinsky

Jane Hirshfield

Kim Addonizio

Laure-Anne Bosselaar

Frederick Hartt

Maxine Kumin

Shoshana Felman

Eugenie Lemoine Luccioni

Viginia Hamilton Adair

Malcolm Bowie

Diane Cole Ahl

Martin Hammer

Rona Goffen

David Franklin

Robert Tavernor

Thomas Pakenham

Francois Nourissier

Torsten Gunnarsson

Peter Humfrey

Evelyn Lincoln

Marcel Detienne

Monique Schneider

Robert (ed.) Bernasconi

Emile Benveniste

Daniel Sibony

Catherine Chalier

Eva Badura-Skoda

Daniel Goleman

Helen M. Luke

A. Madeley Richardson

J. Frederick Bridge

Ernst Krenek

R.O. Morris

Maurice Lieberman

Elie Siegmeister

Ludmila Ulehla

Allen Forte

John Kimberly Mumford

Francis Crick

Willi Apel

Betty Bonham Lies

C. Brooke Worth

Kent Wheeler Kennan

Knud Jeppesen

Ernest L. Rossi

Walter A. Hawley

Hugo Leichtentritt

Donald Jay Grout

Theodore Xenophon Barber

A.S. Byatt

Robin Morgan

Francois Roustang

Mireille Calle-Gruber

Donald Griffin

Vincent Persichetti

C. P. E Bach

Editor Raaflaub, Kurt A.

et. al. Bertoletti, Marina

Patrick McGushin

Ellen O<@SQ>Gorman

Thomas N. Habinek

Ronald Mellor

Brian (Translator) Staples

Thomas F. Scanlon

Steven C. Dubin

Elizabeth Cohen

Siegfried Valentiner

Erich Hupka

John A. Walker

Winfried Kudszus

W. Wolfgang Holdheim

E. K. Bennett

Captain Charles Young

John Gearey

Rudyard and Wolcott Balestier Kipling

Peter Demetz

Friedrich Schlegel

Markus Oehlen

Bruno Munari

W. I. van Campen

Claus Carstensen

Peter; Claus Carstensen; Erik A. Frandsen Bonde

Michael Gitlin

Werner Bnttner

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